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How to convert with conversation commerce

When last did you talk to your customers and hear how they are doing? Many individuals disregard rapport when trying to make a sale. By building rapport and conversation with your customers, you will be able to make them brand advocates.

But where is the conversation happening? In the past, these conversations were held face-to-face or over the phone; but with the development of technology, how your target market communicates with you might have changed. Many people prefer to text or email rather than to speak directly to others. By using live chat, and messaging apps you can build rapport with your customers online.

But let’s take a closer look at conversation commerce. In this type of commerce, we are looking at the digital process of buying an item. We look at how we can use messaging to make the online shopping experience more personal, enjoyable, and easier. The conversation uses natural language and is like a virtual sales assistant that guides your buyer through the purchasing process.

What technology should I use for conversation commerce?

There is a wide variety of technology to choose from. Let’s look at the types available and what to consider when implementing them into your business.

There are three broad categories of technology that can be used. They are:

Chatbots or live chat

This is an app that is loaded onto your website and can ask and answer questions from your customers. It can use artificial intelligence (AI) to answer frequently asked questions, or you can have someone monitor the live chat on your website and step in to help your customers when AI is not sure where to go next.

Messaging apps

These are apps specially built for messaging or that are attached to social media platforms that your customers are already using to buy from you.

Voice assistants

Many people have Alexa or Siri in their homes and use these voice assistants to help to search for items on the internet or to help them set a timer while they are cooking.

But with so much on offer how do we choose which one to use?

Here are four steps to choosing technology for conversation commerce.

STEP 1: Make a list of your current communication technology

Do an audit of the technology you currently use. Do you have a Google My Business page, a Facebook Business Page, or a website?

STEP 2: Find out which technology your customers use

As always it is key to be where your customers are. Do they use Facebook, Google, or WhatsApp to communicate with your business? Knowing where your customers are, helps you to choose the correct conversation technology to invest in.

STEP 3: Do a test run

With the wide variety of options available you might want to find trials, webinars, and demos of the various products available before you settle on your choice.

STEP 4: Push relationship above sale

Remember that your customers are inviting you into their space and they wouldn’t appreciate a pushy salesman. The main idea with conversation commerce is to lead your customer to the sale by assisting with their decision making.

STEP 5: Ensure your website is mobile-friendly

As most people will be communicating with you from their smartphone or tablet, you must ensure that your website works excellently in this environment.

Three platforms to consider:
Google My Business messenger
Facebook Messenger
Nedbank Money Message

By following the steps and reviewing the platforms above, you can talk your customers through their buying journey.

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