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How to create a successful Instagram platform for your business

Article provided by Pine3 Marketing

Social media can be an important channel to reach potential customers and keep in touch with your current customers. Here are eight tips on how to increase your number of followers and engagement on social media:

1. Create a great (and catching) Instagram bio

You only have a few seconds to make a first impression and catch peoples interest when they visit your profile. Give first-time visitors an introduction to your company/organization (and have your target group in mind). Try to include:

  • What your vision/mission is,
  • What services/products do you offer,
  • What are your opening hours (if relevant), and
  • Any other extra information of interest.

But keep it short and simple.

2. Post eye-catching useful posts daily

If your bio catches the interest of the visitors, they will look to find out more about what you do by scrolling through your feed. A cohesive Instagram feed design matters, as people love beautiful pictures and great design. Posting daily is a must and it’s a great platform to promote your products. Here are a few tips: 

  • Make a content plan,
  • Choose a theme style and grid layout,
  • Stick to a colour palette,
  • Plan your feed in advance,
  • and post daily.

3. Tag your location

Increase the chance of being discovered by random people on Instagram and optimize your posts and stories by adding a location (and tagging the location).

4. Use Instagram stories

Give it a try. There is really no reason why not. Instagram stories is a great platform to share short-lived promotions, how-to videos, relevant content, inspiration, your shout-outs, blog updates etc. When using Instagram stories remember to:

  • Remember to use location tags and tags relevant to the content.
  • Keep your best stories on your profile (using highlights).

5. Interact with your followers

Listen to your followers and interact with them, for example by:

  • replying to comments on your profile
  • following your followers back
  • liking and commenting on your followers’ posts
  • watching your followers’ stories
  • publishing relevant content and taging authors
  • use your Instagram to deliver excellent customer service or answer questions from potential customers or clients.

6. Spread the word about your Instagram account

Use your other social media platforms to advertise your Instagram account. If they follow you on one channel they are more likely to follow you on Instagram too. Here are a few tips:

  • Design website popups to inform visitors on your website about your Instagram account
  • Add social media buttons to your emails
  • Ask your team to share information on personal social media profiles
  • Reach out to your professional network to ask for shout-outs

Note! Ensure that your different social media platforms complement each other.

7. Collaborate with influencers

People seek out genuine recommendations before making the purchase decision. Aim to turn your loyal followers into brand ambassadors (e.g. through competitions and referral discount codes).  Look for niche micro-influencers to offer collaborations to in the beginning.

8. Run a competition and give away branded freebies

Running a giveaway on social media can significantly increase sales, and works very well on Instagram. Keep it easy to join, and set a few simple steps to enter. This will help to grow your number of followers fast.

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