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How to create the ideal workday for SME owners

Many SME owners started their businesses to have freedom from the rat race, but some ended up working more hours than before and heading towards burnout. But what can you do to live your best life? How can you create the ideal workday for you? Let’s look at how to create a schedule for your ideal day at the office.

STEP 1: Audit your day

Before you change things, we need to see where we stand. How are we using our time at the moment? Take an audit of your day and see what tasks are moving you closer to your goals and which are draining time without any benefit to you or your business. Now that we know the tasks we do, we need to minimise the time drainers and examine the tasks which benefit us.

STEP 2: Decide on when your workday starts and ends

There will always be another task to do or another email to answer but you need to be disciplined. By having set times in which you work, you will get more done and have more time for yourself and your family. So, decide on a hard start and stop time for your workday.

STEP 3: Review your tasks

With the list of tasks which you do, which do you enjoy doing? Which do you hate or get anxious about doing? Which are tasks that need to be done but don’t impact the bottom line? Now, the tasks you enjoy doing need to be scheduled. The tasks which you hate or get anxious about and they need to be delegated. If you are unable to delegate these tasks, then you need to understand why you hate or get anxious about certain tasks. By working through the feelings, you may be able to change how you feel about the tasks and fit them between two tasks you love to do.

STEP 4:  Batch tasks

Try to work in undisrupted increments of time. By batching tasks, you can create a flow and complete them quicker. You could put answering emails and attending to online customer reviews as one batch of tasks and then batch research for an article as another batch.

STEP 5:  Use technology effectively

Yes, we can get distracted by the pings of notifications, but it is important to use tech effectively. When used as a tool, technology and apps can help streamline your business and automate some of the tedious tasks. Find out what apps are available for streamlining your business and invest in those which will truly help you boost your productivity.

STEP 6: Look after yourself

Yes, you can work to the bone for your business but when you are burnt out and need to take months maybe even years to recuperate what will happen to your business? It is important to plan time to work out and eat healthily. This will help fuel your body and mind to do the work you need to do. You should also schedule downtime to do things which build you up.

STEP 7: Evaluate your day

At the end of the day, evaluate your day and see what may need to be tweaked or changed.

By following these seven steps you will be well on your way to creating the ideal day for your business and you.

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