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How to have a successful exhibition stand

You have researched and found the perfect expo to exhibit at but now what? How do you ensure you get an excellent return on your investment with your stand? This is your chance to have your brand on display and you may be situated with some direct competition. Here are seven steps to have a successful exhibition stand which stands out from the crowd.

1. Set a goal

After you have booked your exhibition stand, what is the goal of the stand? Do you want to raise awareness for your brand? Or do you want to get potential leads? It is important to set a SMART goal for your stand so that at the end of the exhibition you can evaluate the time at the expo and if you managed to succeed in the goals you set for the expo.

2. Choose and train your team

You should ensure you choose staff members who are driven and passionate about your business and products. You want to have staff members who are keen to share about your business with potential customers. Leading up the expo, ensure you educate your staff about the different products you will have on offer, and how to qualify and get leads from customers.

3.  Design your stand

You want to ensure that you have enough information on display to interest your customer but not too much so that they don’t stop to ask you for more information. You should also ensure you have enough staff members in your booth but not too many to make the booth feel overcrowded.

4. Make it interactive

Use technology or a simple game to make your stand interactive and encourage curiosity. This will help to engage potential customers and you could offer them a special discount for the time of the expo as one of the prizes.

5. Ensure you have marketing material

You want to have something to give to prospective clients. It can be a business card or a brochure but ensure you have some means of giving your customers information about your business. You should also take your potential leads’ information. Make sure that the information is enough to pique their interest, remind them of who you are, and the ways they can get into contact with you.

6. Keep your stand manned

The people who man your stand are a representation of your brand. It is important that they are dressed well and that they have an approachable demeanour. If possible, ensure that your staff don’t eat at the stand as this could prevent customers from approaching your stand. It is also important that your stand is manned the whole time because the time that it is not is a waste of time and money. If you can ensure you rotate the people who are in your stand so that customers are met with a fresh and friendly face. If you are a solopreneur, ask a friend or family member to help man your stand.

7. Follow up with your leads

\You may have got a whole bunch of potential leads and now is the time to follow up with them. You should send them an email shortly after the expo has finished. In your message to your lead let them know who you are and why you are contacting them. This will ensure they remember who you are and will be open to what you say as you will refresh their memory of where they met you.

By following these seven steps, you will have placed your exhibition space in the best possible place to have the best possible impact.

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