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How to improve your customer service

Customers are central to having a business. Without paying customers, there is a very good chance that your business will not be doing very well. By improving your customer service, you will stand out in a crowded marketplace for the excellent service you offer and you will benefit from the word-of-mouth advertising that your satisfied clients share with their friends and family. Here are five steps to improving your customer service.

1. Survey your customers

We need to get a base from which to work. You may think your customers are happy with the service but are they? Do you have empirical evidence about your customer service? Create a customer satisfaction survey to assess what your client thinks about your business. This will also highlight which areas of your customer service need to be worked on.

2. Check in on your staff

As much as it is important to survey your customers, it is also imperative to know how your employees feel about their position and your business overall. If employees are disengaged from their work it will infiltrate into how they interact with your clients. By sending out an employee engagement survey you can see which areas in your business you need to work on to ensure better employee satisfaction which in turn will boost your customer service.

3. Practise attentive listening

This will not only help to improve your relationships in general but can truly make your customers feel heard. When listening attentively, we need to focus on the speaker and go into the conversation with the goal to learn something from the interaction. Next, we need to ask clarifying questions to ensure we have listened well and finally, give a summary of what was discussed and confirm that you have all the important points from the discussion.

Another aspect of attentive listening is to practice empathy. Try to look at the problem from your customer’s point of view and then imagine how that would make you feel. This will help your customer feel heard and that will have a positive impact on your discussion.

4. Up your knowledge

The internet and Google have made it possible for anyone to gain knowledge on products and trends. But all this information can cause an overload and your customers want to know about your product in a clear and concise way. If they want to know more information you need to know it or know where you can find the information to answer your client’s question. Make sure your employees are knowledgeable about all the products you offer. They should also be able to use the business’ technology effectively. Ensure your employees are trained and proficient in the technology to ensure your customers have a smooth experience with your clients.

5. Be present where your clients are 

Ensure you use all the resources available to you to make the interaction with your customers easy. You can use social media, websites, phones, email and chatbots. If there will be a delay when replying to a customer let them know and give them a link to a FAQ or knowledge base page so should they want to they can look for the answer while they wait for your reply. It is also important when you reply that you personalise it. Use their name and ensure that the reply speaks to what they have ordered or what their complaint is.

Another advantage of adding a personalised message to the package is that some customers may express their surprise and joy on social media platforms which will boost your word-of-mouth advertising.

By following these five steps, you will be well on your way to offering great customer service to your clients.

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