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How to make sales during social distancing

Social distancing may sound like a death knell to any salesperson, especially one who does his best selling in person. But it is time to understand social distancing as a time to be physically distanced from our customer but we can still be socially present in their lives through various technologies. How can you make sales while being physically distance? Here are three ideas to think about.

IDEA 1: Consider why do you need to be physically present with your customer

It is time to think about the benefits of being physically present with your customer. One of the benefits could be that your customer could call another key decision-maker into your meeting by walking up to their desk and asking if they have time to join you. This may be a bit more difficult with today’s technology, but not impossible. When you send out a meeting request to your customer you can ask them to invite anyone else they think may benefit from your conversation together and give them a brief outline of the agenda for the meeting. If you need to take your customer on a tour of your factory or a home, you could make a video on your mobile phone which you can send to them. You could make a 3D virtual tour which customers can use to view the space you are trying to show them.

IDEA 2: Be empathetic to your customers

Everyone has been impacted by the pandemic in some way. It is critical to consider how your customers may be feeling at this moment. You should be empathetic to their needs and give them information about how they can cope through this time. If your product is beneficial to your customer during this time it may be beneficial to offer a special during the lockdown period.

IDEA 3: Master video

One great way to simulate face-to-face conversations is to use video. By having a video call with your potential client, you will be able to see their body language and gauge how your message has been received. Another advantage of video is that you save on travel expenses and can meet with clients wherever they may be on the globe. You could also do a screen share and fill out the documents live with your customer and send it for a digital signature as soon as you are done. This could help to streamline your process. Some points to keep in mind when using video are:

1. Dress appropriately: Even though you may only be seen from the waist up it is important to be dressed as you would be if you be going to a live face-to-face meeting. There may be an emergency while you are on the call and people will see you in all your glory and you would want that glory appropriately dressed.

2. Make sure you framed well in your image: Some people put their heads to close to the camera and you can only see the top of their head or above their nose. Make sure when you sit in front of the computer the camera is facing directly at you.

3. Ensure you have good technology: It is important that your connection to the internet works well. If possible ensure you linked to your internet through a LAN line. If you know that video may cause delays in your communication you can lower the video resolution on your computer so that your voice can come out crystal clear. Many people prefer to hear you clearly than see you well. You must ensure that your microphone works well.

4. Check your background: What is behind you when you are in your conference call? If possible a plain wall is best but if this is not possible ensure your background is neat and tidy

By following these basic points you will be well on your way to making sales during social distancing.

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