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How to prime your operations for your SME

Operations is one of the key areas in a business that can help to build its profitability and productivity. When you review your business’ operations, you will be able to improve the efficiency of your operations.

Seven ways to prime your operations for your SME

1. Get feedback

Send out questionnaires to your customers, employees and suppliers and see if the processes are working. Are there any tweaks you can make?

2. Audit your operations

Look at all the processes in your businesses. Which are redundant? Which are duplicates? Which are causing a problem? By auditing your processes, you can see which you need to improve and which you can get rid of.

3. Evaluate the right metrics

It is important when you audit your operations that you use the right metrics. You don’t want to change a process because you used the wrong metrics to evaluate it.

4. Be client-focused

We need to remember that without a client, we wouldn’t have a company. You need to evaluate your processes and how well they serve your client. Always keep your customer in mind when you consider processes in your business.

5. Embrace technology

You have hired your employees for the specific skills they have. You surely didn’t hire them to do admin. Where possible adopt technology which will lighten the admin load and give your employees time to focus on what you hired them to do. By embracing technology, you can minimise the risk of human error and simplify some of your processes.

6. Invest in education

Trends change constantly, and new technologies are being developed daily. It is important to keep your staff up to date with the latest trends by ensuring they do continuous learning. This will ensure their skills are kept sharp and they are the best in the business.

7. Kill small fires

A small ember may seem inconsequential until you see a raging fire. You need to sort out minor problems quickly. Look at your processes and ask your team how you can solve these minor problems. By reviewing minor problems, you may ensure that you don’t have a bigger problem later down the line. Minor problems may also be a precursor to a bigger problem so by acting quickly you can put in a plan to solve the bigger problem before it happens.

By putting these seven ways to prime your business into action, you will have a business that will be geared towards building on success after success.

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