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How to prospect for your best clients online

Everyone knows that finding new clients can be daunting and finding the right client can be even harder. How do we prospect for our golden clients? Those clients who will be loyal, trustworthy and help contribute to the growth of our business. Here are three steps to prospect for your best clients online.

 STEP 1: Who do you NOT want as a client?

As much as knowing who you do want as a client is important, it is also critical to have a clear idea about who you don’t wish to do business with. Some general ideas for prospects who you don’t want to pursue are:

1. The time hoarders: These are prospects who insist on you working in times when you don’t work. They always want to be first in a queue and don’t care what the time is when they make requests from you. They want your full attention all the time.

2. The cheapskates: These prospects always want a discount no matter what the price is that you offer them. They also offer to pay you in anything but money.

3. The dependents: These prospects hold you responsible for the success of their business or life. You are their lifeline and if you don’t help them then surely everything will end. Definitely not a good business relationship.

You may also think about other qualities within a client who you don’t want to work with.

STEP 2: Who do you want as a client?

Now that we have clearly defined who we don’t want to have as a client, we need to look at who would be our ideal client. By now, you may have learnt a lot about defining the demographics and psychographics of your potential prospects. But there are four other aspects to consider:

  • Your customer’s worldview: How does your customer see the world around them day-by-day. You may have two ideal customers but their worldviews are completely different and this could affect how they would react to your message. Therefore finding out about your customer’s worldview is important. 
  • Your customer’s deepest desire: Here you need to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and find out what they see as the perfect solution to their problem. What is the ultimate goal they want to achieve when they pursue your product or service?
  • Your customer’s biggest pain point: What is keeping your customer up at night? What is causing them to stress out? That is the pain point you should be aiming to solve.
  • Your customer’s online behaviour: You need to gain accurate information on what websites your customer likes to visit. What platforms do they regularly visit and when do they usually visit those platforms? By having accurate information about your customer’s online behaviour you could ensure your message is better received.

STEP 3: Which platforms should I be prospecting on?

Now that we have found out who our ideal customer is we can start to search for them. There are various platforms that you could look at to find your prospect.

  • Your website: Every time someone visits your website, they may have an IP address that connects them to your website. You could use a program to decode the IP address to see where people are coming from who visit your site and if they meet your buyer persona you could reach out to them.
  • Business forums: Look for forums and answer questions to problems that people may have in your niche. By answering questions and helping people you are highlighting yourself as a trusted source and they may look for you when they want to buy what you are selling.
  • Social media groups: There are many social media groups out there. Many of them advise strongly against self-promotion but they don’t say you can’t offer an answer should someone ask. Therefore when people ask questions offer valuable assistance which leads to you become a trusted and familiar source in the forum.
  • Local business chapters websites: Find a local business chapter and try to find the directory of business that is associated with it. You may find prospects in the list who you can reach out to.

By focusing on one or two of these suggested platforms you will find prospects who fit your business.

By following these three steps you will be well on your way to finding the golden customers who will help to grow your business.

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