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How to save time on social media

Social media has become an important part of almost every business’ marketing strategy. It allows for direct interaction with customers, while helping one create highly targeted content. People undoubtedly reveal quite a lot about their interests through their social media accounts, making it easier for businesses to know who to target for their businesses, as well as learn more about their thoughts, interests and needs.

However, there is a substantial amount of information available on social media, with people continuously updating statuses, sending messages and commenting. As a business owner, you are unlikely to have undivided time to effectively keep a close eye on your social media accounts. Large companies actually hire social media managers to monitor their accounts and interact with customers. But if you cannot afford to hire a full-time social media manager at present, you can save time in the following ways. In fact, even managers can apply and benefit from some of these tips for more effective planning:

  • Create a publication calendar 
    This means putting together information on what will be published on various social media accounts for the week or the whole month. You will save time on trying to find something to post for the day in order to keep your accounts active.
  • Use schedulers
    There are a number of applications such as Hootsuite that allow you to schedule which posts will get published on which accounts and when. This means you do not have to remember to publish anything from your calendar, and it will be done automatically.
  • Daily set aside a bit of time to monitor your accounts
    Depending on how active your followers are, you can spend anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours per day on your social media accounts replying to comments and messages. This time can be divided throughout the day, such as 15 minutes at 09:00, and another 15 minutes at 17:00.
  • Create an effective content system 
    After planning carefully around the themes to be published, ensure that quality content is prepared in advance or promptly, both in terms of written posts and graphics. A professional content creator to copywriter will be a great asset here.

You can easily spend hours on social media as you go through dozens of notifications and messages, but if you divide your day well and are strict about your management system, you can easily succeed while saving time. You will save a lot of time by applying the above guidelines, and once your business is able to hire a full-time social media manager or content coordinator, these tips can still prove very useful to him or her.

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