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How to speed up your success going into 2023

Article by Mike Anderson (NSBC Founder & CEO)

I have written this article in different ways many times over many years because this time of the year we are ,in the most, searching for new or better ways to get ahead.

As we are now closing in on 2023, business owners and entrepreneurs everywhere need to lift up their game and fine-tune strategies so as to succeed beyond all expectations.

Yes, we can become more successful quicker. It is possible to speed up the process. Why drag out the process when we can make things happen by doing things now more effectively and with bigger results.

Think about it. We waste a quarter of every day by:

  • Meeting those we don’t need too.
  • Doing things that are not results orientated.
  • Focusing on things that are urgent as opposed to concentrating our energies on the important stuff.
  • Worrying about the bad things that are never going to happen.
  • Procrastinating … I’ll do it tomorrow.
  • Saying ‘yes’ to everyone, when in most cases, we should be saying ‘no’.
  • Exposing ourselves to negative people.
  • Not seizing opportunities because of the fear of failure.
  • Losing opportunities due to indecisiveness.

Let`s have a look at few tips to speed up the success process:

Do what matters most

It’s not a measure of success to check off forty-seven “to-dos” in a day if you haven’t actually accomplished what matters most. Define the three high-impact actions you want to take each day, and list them as “all-day tasks” on your calendar so you remember what they are.

Act quickly on opportunities

If you see what you want, do it, before you lose the chance. Be decisive, don’t procrastinate – Make it happen. If it fails, change direction and move on quickly to the next project. Remember changing direction when you need to is smart and is not a failure – You only fail when you stop moving and give up trying.

Don’t wait for everything to be perfect

Instead of seeking the impossible, efficient decision makers tend to leap without all the answers, and trust that they’ll be able to build their wings on the way down.

Be fast

Push yourself to walk faster, talk faster, read faster and move faster. Constantly look for faster methods to get the same result. Send and return communications with as little delay as possible. Whenever you think something can’t be done quickly, ask “Why not?” Keep up your speed with good habits: sufficient sleep, good food, great company, positive outlook and regular exercise.

Know who matters

The brutal truth is that if everyone else is happy, then you’re likely not doing great work. Great work involves making choices, so you need to be very clear about who you want to say “Yes” to and who matters less. Define your A-list (three people) and your B-list (five people) of who matters. You can consider saying “No” (or at the very least a “slow yes”) to anyone not on these lists. As an added tip here, because it’s always tough to disappoint people, frame any feedback you might get as being professional not personal.

So master the art of saying “Yes” slowly and learn to say “No” to almost everyone.

Time your meetings

We all know that meetings can be an enormous waste of time and energy. Marketing guru, Seth Godin, famously doesn’t do meetings. But for those of us who have to, make how much time they’re taking obvious. Google projects a large clock onto a wall in their meetings, and people know exactly how long they’ve got to make their point. Now is the time to adopt fine-tuned meeting strategies. Maybe shorter, to the point, online meetings will be a bigger part of our future than the past. In my opinion, I have no doubt about that.

Don’t be afraid to make big mistakes

The best things that happen in a business most often happen on the heels of failure. Don’t be afraid to fail; it’s proof that you are meant to be a successful entrepreneur. The only difference between people who are hugely successful and those who aren’t is the time it takes them to get back up after getting knocked down. Little companies always move faster. The big guy may have the corner on money but the little guy usually has the corner on creativity. Take some time to sit down and figure out how your big rival is promoting their brand and plan something smarter and more creative for yours.

Choose only really good people

Make sure you pick great people to build your business with, as they’ll determine 80% of your success. The best people are honest and have lots of enthusiasm. Don’t worry too much about their level of experience when you’re interviewing, as the right attitude always delivers much more than just experience.

Focus on what’s already working for you and do more of it

When you look for ways to expand your business, the real pot of gold is usually the same stuff that’s already proven successful. So, before you move on to the next exciting project or a new strategy, slow down. Do a lot more of what’s already working and then do the new stuff.

Never stop networking

Never stop networking, never stop pushing, looking for business or providing the best service. It’s hard to always believe, but as a self-employed person, you simply have no choice. Never stop.

Stop putting it off!

Procrastination is the enemy of success. The time you waste on stalling breeds guilt, and guilt deflates energy and sometimes even leads to depression. When you feel stuck and can’t seem to move ahead, always remember that you don’t have to get it right, you just must get it going!

Make sure you know what not to do

Everyone should have their own ‘Not to do’ list. I sit down regularly and make a list of all the things I have spent time on that have amounted to nothing. It’s smart to post your ‘Not to Do’ list where you’re bound to see it so you’re reminded to do more productive things that give a better return on the time you spend at work.

Shoot the dogs early!

If you spot a complainer and if you have the authority to do it, remove them from your business rather sooner than later. Complainers are like thieves, robbing you and your company of its good energy. Your entire team’s outlook will shine brighter once you’re rid of them.

Be different

Challenge the status quo, get out of your comfort zone, do things differently and stretch your abilities. Stretching your abilities will make you great.

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