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How your business can benefit from time and attendance systems

Is your business’s employee timekeeping system efficient? Are you still using manual time cards?

IBM’s recent market research reported that 80 percent of South African companies plan to install automated systems in 2022.

It found that as businesses applied AI to predict IT issues better, an area called AIOps emerged. Predictions are that in 2022, AIOps will allow IT professionals to quickly and confidently diagnose problems faster than they could manually. This free’s them from ordinarily laborious and time-intensive tasks and enables them to focus on delivering higher-value work for their organisations.

Furthermore, AIOps will also enable IT specialists to identify patterns in data that could ultimately predict potential issues before they occur, thus allowing them to stay ahead of their game. Another benefit of these patterns is that they can guide process improvement. 

Furthermore, by using automated time and attendance systems, one can optimise the scheduling of a workforce and can reduce labour costs and unnecessary overtime expenses. 

Keep reading to learn how automating processes can benefit your business.

Improved Business Productivity

Implementing workflow automation enhances a business’ overall productivity. Workflows collect data and present patterns that offer a guide for streamlining processes. They also enable leaders to integrate task automation between workers.

These systems use predefined rules that are customised to meet any company’s unique requirements. Thus, their implementation eases the task burden on employees, allowing them to be more productive and, in turn, increases job satisfaction.

Because quality workflow tools eliminate resource-intensive and often redundant manual tasks, every department in a company benefits from how they streamline processes.

One of the best-automated workflow tools is a time tracking system. Manual timekeeping processes may result in lost data, false data, or miscalculating labour hours. A company and its employees need to receive the correct payment for hours worked; otherwise, these errors can cost a company considerably.

2022 Workplace Legal Compliance

The South African government has issued further workplace rules for 2022. It stipulated that, as much as possible, businesses must reduce the number of workers in a single area at one time.

The square meterage of workspaces must be measured and used to determine how many workers and customers are permitted to occupy spaces at once. Plans must limit congestion to achieve social distancing.

As a result, companies now need to implement staggered shift systems and can make use of rotation schedules and remote work options to achieve this. Whichever timekeeping method your business uses, the new workplace rules require accurate and recorded timekeeping.

Shopping for a Quality Time and Attendance System

Today, businesses face many regulatory rules and financial challenges, and thus mistakes can prove costly in several ways.

Implementing automated time and attendance tracking systems will reduce errors and enhance profits. When looking for a system, there are several specific features to consider.

Clocking In and Out

Accurate accounting of employee work hours is critical both legally and financially. The program helps ensure that the correct people are scheduled and in the right place.

Look for a system that allows employees a variety of methods for clocking in and out, mainly if you use remote workers and if they change locations during their shift.

Each user should have a unique username and password to enter into the system as it gives access to clock in and out via a software-linked time clock, computer, or mobile device. Some touchless systems use facial recognition, which also enhances security.

Ease of Use

How easy is the solution to use? A complicated system increases employee resistance and leads to more errors, so find a plan that easily integrates with your current system. If you must spend extra money to install a new solution, ask yourself whether you’re achieving a cost-saving.

Look for solutions that will generate, publish, and manage online schedules. Employees today like to be able to find their work schedules easily.

In some businesses, workers can, with permission, switch shifts with other employees. Therefore, seeing the schedule lets them contact other co-workers to inquire about trading time.

Tracking Time

Quality automated systems manage paid time-off tracking and keep track of vacation requests and approvals.

The data should automatically stream to individuals handling Human Resources and payroll to reduce management’s time away from other duties and lower error rates.

The system should also offer access to benefits, time, pay, and other information. Usernames and passwords let people access this information from a mobile app or the web.

ADP Payroll software can integrate with such systems to automate payroll functions, and they offer another avenue for saving time and improving accuracy.

Are You Keen to Implement Business Management Tools?

Automation is the key to meeting today’s increasing demands on business leaders. This article discussed the importance of using a time and attendance solution.

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