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HP and Kolok do their bit for businesses and the environment

Article provided by HP

HP and Kolok are focused on providing inks and toners produced with the planet in mind, ensuring your business does its bit for the environment

HP has built a reputation for offering market‐leading office and printing supplies. This includes original HP inks and toners, which provide superb printing quality and offer cost effective solutions for organisations.

The HP focus on sustainable printing supplies, is another primary benefit for choosing original inks and toners, and ensuring your company makes sensible, responsible choices.

Sustainable production

Key to the sustainability efforts of HP is that their printer cartridges are made from recycled plastics.

This comprises old HP cartridges and other suitable materials that have been returned through HP’s Planet Partners programme.

In fact, 100% of new HP toner cartridges, and over 80% of new ink cartridges, are made with recycled plastics that have been broken down into raw materials before their reuse – amounting to 830 million recycled cartridges distributed to date.

This process aligns with HP’s sustainability goals and focus on helping customers and distributors achieve their own environmental targets – all while making HP one of the world’s most sustainable corporations.

Key elements of the HP’s sustainability goals include:

  • Air quality – Original HP toner cartridges meet eco-label emissions criteria and maintain the indoor air quality of your office or home.
  • HP Planet Partners programme – HP helps organisations recycle their original HP cartridges.
  • Reduce waste – The extreme reliability of original HP toner cartridges results in fewer reprints and less waste.
  • Optimised operations – HP has reduced its energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, and water use within its operations.
  • Supply chain – HP works with suppliers in alignment with both environmental best practices and improved labour conditions.

HP also publishes an annual report that shows how HP has progressed towards achieving its sustainability goals. The 2020 report can be accessed here.


Kolok is a South African HP distributor that is committed to working with HP to create a more sustainable future.

It offers a vast range of original HP toner and ink cartridges, making these sustainable products easily accessible to South African businesses.

If you would like market-leading toner and ink cartridges for your business while simultaneously making progress towards your own sustainability goals, contact Kolok today.

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