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iCALC Training Academy – inspire the next generation of visionaries

Mylene Bosch manages a private TVET college. iCALC Training Academy is focused on a virtual digital platform in the engineering trades sector and they do business studies, IT, short courses and skills development.

There are many students who don’t qualify for university but want to make something of their lives. This is were iCALC Training Academy stepped in and created a space to help students to achieve a sustainable career and realise their dreams.

Mylene is passionate about an individual’s growth and loves seeing young people grow their unique character and become leaders. She also loves to empower people to be visionaries and to dare to be different.

The biggest lessons she has learnt so far in business are to ensure that God remains CEO, to never give up, and to always get up and forge forward focusing on that which is in front and not what is behind.

When asked why South Africans should support small business this is what Mylene had to say: “We are the belt of opportunity! We are those that will create employment, sustainability and growth in our failing economy. We are the ones that can make a substantial difference in the economy of South Africa, and we will be the answer to getting South Africa back on its feet after this stormy sea we are currently on. The lighthouses must be looked after!”

iCALC Training Academy was selected as one of the Top 20 Winners at the 2019 South African Small Business Awards.

iCALC Training Academy is a proud Member of the NSBC

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