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Insuring your SMME: Back to basics

Article provided by King Price Insurance

You’ve always seen yourself as the king of your own castle. Doing your own thing and turning your dreams into business success. Now that you’ve created your letterheads, set up your bank account, secured clients and perhaps even employed some expert support, it’s vital to ensure that your passion is safeguarded. Because failing to plan simply means planning to fail.

And when it comes to extending your kingdom, getting the guards in line could be the difference between being ‘da boss’ and being dependent on a boss for a salary.

King Price insurance shares the cover that every start-up should have in place from day one.

Protect the castle, and everything in it

Expect the unexpected. Small business property insurance will protect your business property in the event of a fire, natural disaster and breakage, of course, depending on the cover you’ve opted for. This will ensure that your machines, inventory and tools are insured; allowing you to continue to make a success of your business ideals. 

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men

Everything in your kingdom is precious and should be treated that way. Theft cover protects property that belongs to you and that you’re responsible for.

Serve and protect

Avoid ‘he said’ ‘she said’ situations that might render you liable.Whether you’re home-based, or you rent or own your property, general liability cover provides defence from damages if you or your product offering cause bodily harm to a third party. Every business needs this cover.

Chariots of fire(proof)

Your wheels are an important part of keeping your business running. With auto insurance, you can protect your cars, vans and trucks from collisions, theft and damage. Sometimes employees use their own cars for business purposes, and you need to make sure these are also covered because their private insurance won’t necessarily cover them if an incident occurs while they’re on the clock.

It’s a risky business

No matter how cautious we are, we can’t escape the risk factor. Things get lost and damaged, so arming yourself with business all risks cover will ensure that your property is covered while you travel anywhere in the world, giving you time to worry about the success of your business rather than its safety.

As a small business owner, you’re going to face a number of unique challenges, risks and opportunities, so make sure you find an insurer that ‘gets you’ and your kingdom.

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