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Is your business ready to access funding?

Make sure you get your business ready and well-positioned to raise finance whenever you need it.

Applying for funding takes time, and time is usually the very thing you don’t have when you’re needing finance. It makes sense then that you should do everything possible to be funding ready before engaging lenders. Good preparation on the part of the finance seeker speeds up the application process. Knowing what lenders need from you is vital to knowing what you still need to do on your side to make sure you’re ready to access finance.

The funding landscape has changed forever and there are more opportunities than ever before opening-up to fund small to medium size businesses and entrepreneurs – if you know where to look.

One of the big attractions at The Business Show :: Africa 2024 is the Access to Finance Zone, brought to you by NSBC Africa in partnership with Experian. The zone draws together non-traditional funders with advice from personal and business finance experts. The showcase is aimed at unravelling the complexity of accessing finance, designed to encourage delegates to think about different strategies for funding.

Funding experts will educate on the following: See how the amazing funding app works; Learn first-hand what funders are looking for; Where to access funding; How to get funding ready; Know why applications are declined; Match funding needs with funders; How to improve your financial health and get your FREE credit reports; Learn how to harness modern funding and much more!

So, join us at The Business Show :: Africa 2024 and get funded!

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