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It’s “Pawsible” focused on enhancing the lives of pets

Centurion’s Heather Whitfield, a dedicated veterinary physiotherapist, is capturing audiences on the People’s Weather channel with her new show, “It’s Pawsible,” focused on enhancing the lives of pets.

The journey to the small screen began when Whitfield initiated a project on Nelson Mandela Day last year, catching the attention of a channel producing a show for the occasion. The producer, impressed by Whitfield’s work, shifted the focus to a series on pet physiotherapy.

In a rapid progression, a trailer was recorded in February, allowing Whitfield to secure sponsors and attract investors from the pet industry. With 15 years of experience working with animals, Whitfield’s journey into pet physiotherapy was influenced by her recovery from a major car accident in 2005, which led to significant spinal surgery.

Having experienced the benefits of hydrotherapy during her rehabilitation, Whitfield envisioned similar positive outcomes for dogs, given their love for swimming. Motivated to make a difference, she returned to studying and founded Paws-Itive Paws-Abilities in 2008, continually expanding its services.

The facility comprises a hospital area, hydrotherapy zone, and gym area, each playing a vital role in the rehabilitation process. Vets refer patients to Paws-Itive Paws-Abilities for post-surgery rehabilitation, including cases of torn muscles, amputations, and chronic conditions.

Whitfield and her team collaborate on personalized treatment plans, working closely with pet owners to enhance the quality of life for their furry companions. The success of the rehabilitation programs led Whitfield to introduce the Pet Active Gym initiative, aiming to integrate fitness habits into pets’ routines, particularly benefiting athletic dogs like hunting breeds.

Viewers can catch “It’s Pawsible” on DStv channel 180 or OpenView channel 115.

Whitfield’s contributions to pet rehabilitation were also recognized at the 2023 South African Small Business Awards, where Paws-Itive Paws-Abilities received the National Innovation Award. The awards ceremony, held on November 16, celebrated businesses driving entrepreneurial forces, with Whitfield and her venture being lauded for their innovative contributions. Mike Anderson, founder and CEO of the National Small Business Council, expressed pride in being associated with such deserving winners at the heart of the nation’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Paws-Itive Paws-Abilities is a proud Member of the NSBC

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