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Keep your fleet in top condition: Volkswagen’s EasyDrive service and maintenance plans

Keep your fleet in top condition: Volkswagen’s EasyDrive service and maintenance plans

The truth is…

Things go wrong. No matter how many predictions, plans, and contingencies we make, Murphy’s law tends to poke its head around every corner at the worst of times. When you’re managing a fleet of commercial vehicles, you know that roads have bumps, cracks, and potholes. But there isn’t a box you can simply tick to solve the many inarguable realities of transport. The realities that damage stock, delay deliveries, and run you behind when you’ve already planned ahead. Well, there wasn’t…

Servicing your success

You know that keeping your vehicles in good condition is essential for the success of your business. But (and here those inarguable realities that come back to us) it’s far easier said than done. Servicing your commercial fleet is complicated, confusing, expensive, inconvenient, and really – it’s a bother.

But the worst thing you can do is leave it up to chance. If you choose not to service your fleet, you run the risk of unexpected repair costs eating into your bottom line, employee injuries that you’ll be liable for, or damaged vehicles precariously carrying your valuable cargo. So, what’s the solution?

Comprehensive coverage keeps you on the path to progress

One of the biggest advantages of Volkswagen’s EasyDrive Service and Maintenance Plans is their comprehensive coverage. The Maintenance Plan covers all scheduled services as recommended by Volkswagen, including replacements for wear-and-tear items and defective components. Jargon aside, here’s what that means:

You don’t have to worry about keeping track of your fleet’s service intervals, or the budget-breaking notion of paying for individual services separately. You don’t have to worry about unexpected repairs, or being a vehicle down when your business needs to keep moving. But it gets better.

You’ve got 100% cover on all valid claims and an extra promise, Volkswagen will ensure that your vehicle always runs exactly as it should by fitting only Volkswagen Genuine Parts. No exceptions. And speaking of parts, sometimes commercial vehicles get stuck in unfamiliar parts of town, or in the middle of nowhere, what then?

The EasyDrive Maintenance Plan includes 24/7 roadside assistance. That means you’ll have emergency assistance in case of a breakdown or other roadside emergencies. The programme even includes other services such as:

  • Towing: If your vehicle can’t be repaired on the spot, Volkswagen will arrange for towing to the nearest authorised Volkswagen dealership or repair facility.
  • Jump-starts: If your battery dies, Volkswagen will provide a jump-start to get you back on the road.
  • Lockout service: If you accidentally lock your keys in your vehicle, Volkswagen will send a technician to help you gain entry.
  • Fuel delivery: If you run out of fuel, Volkswagen will deliver enough fuel to get you to the nearest petrol station.
  • Tyre changes: If you have a flat tyre, Volkswagen will change the tyre with your spare, if available.

With EasyDrive Service and Maintenance Plans, you can rest easy. We’re here for you and fully focused on keeping your vehicle running smoothly and safely. But what about cost? Are you going to be paying an arm and a leg, plus inflation, plus hidden charges, and fees?

Pay once, save twice

The price is fixed – that’s it. Read it again. Volkswagen is determined to give you the best value for your money, and you can be sure that you are getting the best deal possible. You’ve also got protection against inflationary price increases, which means:  

By paying a fixed amount upfront, you save money on inevitable servicing costs in the long run.

When you sign up for Volkswagen’s EasyDrive Service and Maintenance Plans, you know the exact amount and the exact duration of time you’ll be paying for your fleet’s maintenance. These assurances give you the freedom to budget accordingly to get the most out of your business, and that comes with another secret benefit, read on.

 Watch your resale value skyrocket

If you decide to sell your fleet, you can transfer the remaining time and balance of your Volkswagen EasyDrive Service and Maintenance Plans to the new owner. This means your fleet is much more attractive to potential buyers, so you’ll earn your money back on whatever portion of the service plans you haven’t used yet. And if that’s not enough…

The EasyDrive Service and Maintenance Plans increase the overall resale value of your fleet vehicles by providing a full, intermittent service history. You can guarantee that the new owner will enjoy the same peace of mind that you did. And how do Volkswagen deliver that peace of mind? Who are the people they trust with your vehicles?

Expert technicians

Volkswagen technicians are specialised mechanics who are trained to exclusively work on Volkswagen vehicles. They’ve completed a gruelling specialised training and certification program which covers all the necessary techniques to diagnose and treat whichever technical issue is affecting your fleet. And how do you know they’re experienced enough to handle your cars?

Because the entire training programme takes up to two years and includes both classroom instruction and hands-on experience working with Volkswagen vehicles. The technicians also use specialised tools and equipment to diagnose and repair issues with Volkswagen cars. All of this means your fleet is protected in three ways –

  • Due to their extensive training, you can trust that the technicians are on top of every issue and know exactly what’s going on under the hood, each step of the way.
  • Volkswagen gives them access to the latest technical information and software updates. This keeps them up to date on the latest repair techniques and procedures.
  • They’re able to provide advice and recommendations as to how you can prevent future problems in your fleet.

The bottom line? Volkswagen invests first-class time, effort, and technology into their technicians, before they even touch your cars, to ensure they run safely and reliably for as long as possible. But take note that they treat each car differently, depending on your plan. Here are the differences between each plan:

An EasyDrive Vehicle Plan for everyone

Volkswagen’s EasyDrive Service and Maintenance Plans offer different coverage options, each with its own set of benefits. Here are the main differences between each plan:

  1. Service plan: This plan covers routine services such as oil changes, tyre rotations, and brake inspections. It’s designed for customers who want to keep their vehicles running smoothly and safely without worrying about unexpected repair costs.
  2. Maintenance plan: This plan includes all the services covered under the Service Plan, as well as additional repairs and replacements for wear-and-tear items such as brake pads, wiper blades, and batteries. It’s designed for customers who want more comprehensive coverage for their vehicles.

So, there you have it, choose your plan based on your budget, vehicle condition/age, and overall level of risk tolerance.


The Volkswagen EasyDrive Service and Maintenance plans are an excellent investment for any business owner with a fleet of Volkswagen vehicles. It offers comprehensive, cost-effective coverage, gives you peace of mind thanks to our expert technicians, and is transferable, guaranteeing future resale value. You can rest assured that your fleet is in good hands and that you won’t have to worry about unexpected repair costs or breakdowns.

And this is all just a very long way of saying: Volkswagen’s EasyDrive Service and Maintenance Plans mean peace of mind for you, your fleet, your business, and your wallet.

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