Skip to content Skip to sidebar Skip to footer – building tech to facilitate your marketing strategy is a world leader in enterprise volume SMS and email marketing automation. Over R250 Million worth of lead sales has been facilitated, through more than five billion SMS and email marketing conversations.

Grant Fleming joined to help build a world-class team and grow the start-up into a world-class business.

Grant Fleming interacts with business owners and high performers throughout his day, helping them optimise their marketing processes to deliver on their marketing strategy. It is incredibly fulfilling to teach businesses how to grow their sales pipeline through data-driven insights and value-adding automation.

The biggest lesson he learnt is that compounding doesn’t just apply to money. Grant says “Be aware of how and where you invest your time. Teach people how to do things and you compound both the value you add to your business and your life.  Compound the trust that people have in you, and you compound future opportunity.”

One of the driving forces behind is building cool new tech. This is especially rewarding when the tech starts to scale beyond their initial expectations.

When asked about how South Africans can support small business, this is what Grant Fleming had to say: “Supporting small business means supporting local communities, because they create jobs and sustain livelihoods. Small businesses are also more agile and flexible than large organisations, which supports product and service innovation. Product and service innovation benefits everyone.”

We look forward to seeing how continues to innovate in the coming years. is a proud Member of the NSBC

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