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Learn-i-Biz: helping business people understand their responsibilities

Learn-i-Biz, the CIPC e-learning platform launched in 2022, has been receiving positive feedback from an increasing number of those enrolled in the programme since it was launched. The platform is one of the tools aimed at empowering business and potential business owners with deeper knowledge and understanding of the responsibilities of a company director.

Learn-i-Biz was conceptualised by the CIPC Commissioner to enable South African company directors and entrepreneurs to have a better understanding of their duties and responsibilities. It is also aimed to, further improve compliance and encourage governance among directors, which ultimately would improve investor confidence for the development of our economy to create jobs and alleviate poverty. The e-learning platform is not only available to directors, but also to those who wish to get a better understanding of legislative requirements for registering and maintaining a company and also empower university students.

The CIPC, as the regulatory authority of companies and company registrations, appreciates its responsibility to educate and create awareness on the legislative areas of its administration, to ensure compliance and adherence. With this in mind, we created this platform to enhance directors’ understanding of regulatory requirements and ensure that they understand and are competent in these areas.

The learning platform, which is virtual, is plugged into the CIPC websites for ease of access, with login required to access the portal. It is provided at no cost and offers a convenient way for busy directors and entrepreneurs to gain knowledge on company matters, in their own time, at their own pace and in the comfort of their home or office. Users can easily set up their profiles and have a customised dashboard to track their training profiles, complete their training and access results of all the modules completed.

The platform offers seven modules, namely: what is a company, key persons in a company, and responsibilities of a director, among others. The modules are packaged and presented in an easy to follow manner. Each module includes a series of short videos, quizzes, a digital study guide and a self-examination. After completing the modules, participants can download a certificate of completion.

The CIPC encourages you to enrol on the platform if you have not done so, to increase your knowledge in areas the CIPC regulates. You are also encouraged to extend the enrolment invitation to your fellow entrepreneurs and stakeholders that may benefit from the platform.

Access the portal here:

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