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Less than R50m million to go in #GetSAWorking fund

Article provided by ProfitShare Partners

Let’s #GetSAWorking Again!

Do you want to make 2021 better than 2020??? Less than R50m left to help businesses just like yours in the #GetSAWorking campaign. Take advantage now with just under R50m left.

Time flies when you’re having fun!

We’ve just passed the halfway mark with #GetSAWorking. We know that SME growth and development is fundamental to a healthy economy and we’re looking for small businesses that can make use of this initiative.
So where do you start with the application you ask. Well, unlike traditional business banking loans, we do not require  financials or security.All we do request is that you make the first move. We invite SMEs to come to us and say that they’ve got a great transaction or contract with an established corporate willing to invest in my product or service. With proof of an order or a contract from the corporate, ProfitShare Partners is then able to put up the capital.
3 easy steps to apply online for business funding:Complete an easy online application formIf you need help or have any queries you can email us on queries@profitsharepartners.comWe provide you with feedback within  24 – 48 hours and pay out for a new applicant usually within 7 days of applicationOnce you’ve fulfilled all ProfitShare Partners requirements, the team gets to work.
SMEs who meet the criteria could be one of the many who will be supported, step by step, to help the South African economy recover – and thrive.

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