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LIVE FR8™ – revolutionising the transport industry

Riaan Rautenbach is the owner of LIVE FR8™, a South African start-up that offers Cargo Suppliers and Transporters improved low-cost logistics services using Cloud Technology.

He explains that their App can be used on any Smart Device for Cargo Suppliers to add their loads to it, Transporters to find their loads on it and for them both to connect with each other using the Cloud. Cargo Supplier list the loads by weight, category, source address and destination, on the database and the algorithm helps Transporters to search for specific loads in the specified area, thereby turning empty loads into full loads. The Transporter nominates the price to move the cargo to the destination and then the Transporter only pays a small fee to LIVE FR8™ once a load has been obtained successfully. The Supplier and the Transporter transact directly with one another, and then rate each other. The continuous rating system removes dishonest, corrupt, non-performing and non-competitive role players and that transparency drives improved performance and cost effective logistics operations.

Riaan says that after thirty years of hard work and experience in transportation of goods by road, sourcing return loads, making deliveries on time and determining whereabouts of Cargo in transit in 5 African countries he came up with this idea for a business. With his experience in cost accounting, as a marketing manager, financial manager and general manager, he identified problems in the transport industry.

He spent lots of time thinking of and finding a solution and then developed an App that addressed the various problems and challenges in the Transport industry by: improving communication; finding Cargo geographically in real-time; monitoring and managing dispatch staff, controllers, drivers and Cargo in transit. Reducing communication costs; no expensive programs; no costly servers; no monthly fees; no broker fees; no bidding platform but a closed quotation system. Reducing empty trip costs that results in expensive transport rates, reducing transport pollution and a rating system indicating the performance of Cargo Suppliers and Transporters.

What Riaan loves most about his business is introducing the LIVE FR8 App to potential customers. Its an App that automates time-consuming processes. It replaces phone calls and emails, saves time and keeps a lot of valuable data for the users. It enables businesses to work remotely, from any location with internet access. He says that the business model has immense scalability and flexibility. Within 7 months, the App was active in 57 countries. Their overhead costs are also reduced drastically due to the technology LIVE FR8 App utilises, with no offices or expensive servers required. Riaan says that technology is the future and that using disruptive fourth industrial revolution technology, which is Cloud-native and functional, is exciting and will lead to transformation of the transport industry.

One of the biggest lessons Riaan has learnt on his business journey is that their product, as a world first “Cloud Technology” App for Logistics, was more difficult to market in an existing resistant market than expected. He believes that Education Marketing and Training is an essential part of their marketing and they therefore offer a free LIVE FR8 course on Udemy.

Riaan goes on to say that he does what he does because he found solutions to several problems in the transport industry. By using High Tech (Cloud and AI) LIVE FR8™ his business empowers entrepreneurs in 19 African countries. It also levels the playing field for smaller Transporters anywhere in Africa, lowers operational costs for established businesses and empowers them to compete on equal footing.

LIVE FR8™ transforms anyone with access to an electronic device, into a logistics manager. The App brings a huge competitive advantage to everyone who uses it. LIVE FR8™ also empowers isolated communities in Africa to put food on the table by coordinating their logistics on their mobile phones. He says that although there have been many challenges he believes that they will soon make a breakthrough in the market and more people will comprehend how much they can benefit from using this App to improve logistics processes, reduce costs, increase vehicle utilisation and drastically reduce pollution from carbon emissions.

Riaan believes that smaller businesses help to create and sustain jobs. He says that support is vital to help businesses gain revenue and stay operational. Small-business owners value relationships they have with their customers and need the support of local consumers. As it may be more of a challenge for small businesses to stay relevant, they continuously need to work on adding new products/developing their products and providing new benefits for their customers. He thinks this is good as it generates healthy competition with their larger competitors and goes on to say that small businesses tend to be more innovative as they constantly need to find new ways to sell goods and service. By supporting small businesses you are also supporting your local community to stimulate the economy.

LIVE FR8™ is a proud Member of the NSBC. “My experience with the NSBC has been very good. I always enjoy your events and have obtained many connections throughout the events. I have also been assisted very well with updating my business profile online, thank you. I also believe my online business profile has added value to exposure of my business.”

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