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M-commerce vs s-commerce: what’s the difference?

As online shopping becomes more and more popular, the way you can shop and the items you can buy becomes more diverse. Many people know of e-commerce which refers to buying an item online through a website. But with the expansion of the internet and the development of social media platforms and mobile devices online commerce has diversified into m-commerce and s-commerce. Let’s take a look at what each one has to offer businesses, especially those whose target audience is millennials (18-34).

What are s- and m-commerce?

S-commerce refers to social commerce. Purchases are made using social media platforms and the customers are redirected to an e-commerce site but complete the purchase within the social media platform.

M-commerce refers to mobile commerce. Here purchases are made using a mobile device. M-commerce is a more progressive form of e-commerce as it allows customers to buy products as long as they have a mobile device and internet access.

Which platforms are used?

In s-commerce, you set up your store using your business’ social media account. The different platforms which are most popular at the moment are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok. Some of these platforms have region restrictions so that is something to check out.

In m-commerce, you are selling through a mobile e-commerce website or a native app. Though creating a native app may be in your future plans. You could consider getting your product on Takealot, Makro or Loot. If you use an e-commerce site, ensure that it is mobile-friendly.   

What is the reach?

In s-commerce, you are exposed to everyone who is scrolling through their feed. This means that you have a large, targeted customer base. As you can see who is interested in your product, you can ensure you tweak your ads to resonate better with the audience your product attracts.

In m-commerce, it is convenient to search for a product and be able to make a purchase directly from your phone. By ensuring that you have an easy-to-navigate mobile store, you can ensure that those who are interested in your product have an easy purchasing path. With m-commerce if you create your own app, you will need to get registered on the online app stores so that your customers will be able to download the app and buy from you.

With these three questions, we have looked at the three main differences between s-commerce and m-commerce.

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