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Make your business bloom: 5 simple strategies for SMEs to attract more business in Spring

Article provided by Business Partners Limited
(First published on Bizcommunity)

Historically, Spring is a busy time for small businesses, who have an unmatched opportunity to capitalise on the energy and positivity of the warmer months. This Spring will be particularly unique – it will be the first warm season in over two years that South Africans can enjoy without needing to adhere to COVID-19 restrictions.

These five strategies will help you make sure that your small business is well-positioned for success, ahead of the busy season.

Weave the Spring narrative into your marketing collateral

The Spring is associated with renewal and rejuvenation – a period of new beginnings. You can use these associations to encourage new sales by incorporating the Spring narrative into your marketing efforts on social media, emails, website and blog content.

Encourage your customers to ’embrace the new, put a spring back in their step, spread the good vibes’ or ‘spring into the season’ by purchasing your product or service – perhaps at a once-off discounted rate or with an added incentive to drive repeat buying.

Use Spring as a launchpad for a new product or service

The new season is the perfect time to launch a new product or service offering. Spring provides a way to get your marketing message across strongly and to begin pushing sales on new items so that these products and services are well established in the market before the festive period.

Remember that spring is a highly competitive time of year, particularly in the retail industry. So when launching a new offering, refine your value proposition to focus on one or more of these key differentiating factors: price, value and service.

Leverage outdoor markets and events

Increased sunshine and longer daylight hours are associated with positive emotions, which makes Spring the best time of year to return to the outdoors. This year in particular, the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions may encourage more customers to attend outdoor functions and networking events.

Bear in mind that at an outdoor event, your display or promotional area will need to stand out in a crowd of other vendors. Conduct extensive market research to ascertain whether an investment into aspects such as signage, equipment and mobile fittings will produce a worthy positive return.

Due to the availability of a larger space, outdoor markets and events also lend themselves to product demonstrations, sample giveaways and experiential elements that will give your audience a taste of what you are offering. Leverage the ‘buzz’ and activity of these types of events to engage with customers face to face, spark conversation and add an element of tangibility to your product or service offering.

Build a content community

With more people venturing into the outdoors during Spring and sharing their experiences on social media, you can use this time of year to engage with your audience online and build a community around your product or service.

You could do this by hosting competitions, posting positive reviews, profiling your customers, and using micro-influencers to promote your offering. Heading into the last quarter of the year, the rise of ‘social commerce’ will provide small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with an opportunity to use the power of social endorsement to drive sales and get people talking about what you do.

Collaborate with seasonal SMEs

A number of SMEs rely on specific seasons to generate sales and drive profitability. During Spring for example, small businesses supplying items such as artisanal ice-cream, swimwear, outdoor gear, exercising equipment, clothing and travel accessories are in high demand.

You can take advantage of this spike in demand by partnering with other small businesses that can complement your offering. Collaborating in this way will allow you to combine forces and tap into another SME’s established audience, while adding value and promoting the element of fun and whimsy with which the season is associated.

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