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Makeover your website

Article provided by Visa

There are a lot of ways to make your website work harder for you. Review our tips to optimize your online presence. Turn browsers into buyers. Get your website to turn visitors into customers.

Here are some of our favourite tips:

Incorporate a clear “call to action”

A call to action (CTA) offers website visitors options to take action. It might be “click here,” “add to shopping cart” or “sign up for our newsletter”. Whatever the CTA is, explain why your visitor would want to act. One quick way to test how perceptible your CTAs are is to zoom out to 50% on your website browser. You should easily see “click to buy” button.

Use a clean, simple design

Simplicity helps visitors focus and makes it easier to find and buy your products. Less is more.

Include your social media

Social media is an excellent platform for consumers to browse and/or buy. Offer social network sharing features from your website to encourage existing customers and browsers to share your content on their social accounts.

Highlight “above the fold”

The online equivalent to the newspaper’s “above the fold” is what can be seen on a single screen without scrolling. This is your prime real estate where you can feature eye-catching information.

Display shipping terms prominently

Customers may abandon their shopping carts if they learn that the shipping price was higher than expected.

Make your site mobile friendly

Website design optimized for mobile devices makes it easier for mobile users to navigate.

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