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Managing forex in a turbulent market

Article provided by Grobank

If currency fluctuations are impacting your business, it might be time to have a Grobank Relationship Manager work with you to help oversee your foreign exchange (forex) commitment and receipts, and implement banking strategies you may require.

Turns out the best-kept secret to running your organisation’s currency needs efficiently is not clairvoyance, but a robust knowledge of the dynamics involved in the global forex market. Your focus on your core business is imperative in the current market, so engaging with a dedicated relationship manager can unlock opportunity on your behalf.

Any business person who regularly imports or exports goods knows that simply buying currency at the right time can be the difference between profit and loss. As a business owner, little is more disastrous than working efficiently only for your profits destroyed by currency fluctuations.  

This is where your Grobank relationship manager’s understanding of fluctuations and exchange risk is vital to negotiate the best rates you can get and mitigate losses in the event of sudden market fluctuation.

Single point of contact

From forward exchange contracts, remittances for offshore investments and foreign currency accounts, to import and export letters of credit, Grobank’s Forex Relationship Managers are a gateway to all the offerings of the treasury division for clients.

This ensures clients always have a direct, single point of contact with the bank. Grobank’s personal engagement and signature service means every client can have a dedicated forex professional on their team. Knowing you can call and speak to an expert about your specific forex needs makes a world of difference to your international banking experience.

With a trusted professional watching your currency needs, you can get back to running your business.

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