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Managing your online reputation

Article provided by Visa

More and more customers are heading to the web to learn more about a business. Will your business be ready when they find you?

The importance of reviews

Consumers trust online reviews. For some, it’s the first thing they check when considering a new business. They want to know how other customers feel about your products, services, hours, locations, and other features of your business.

52 percent of consumers search online and/or check the business website before visiting a new business.

86 percent of customers surveyed say they are influenced by online reviews.

The two insights listed above are from Visa’s Digital Transformation Research, 2018 Maru/Matchbox survey.

Getting the best out of customer reviews

We’ve covered how important it is to create an online presence, and having excellent reviews is a part of that. No matter how polished your website and social feed are, feedback from your existing customers play an important role in helping you get new customers.

Four tips for tackling customer reviews

Ask customers for reviews

Customers are more likely to leave a review if asked. Let customers know which review sites are best for your business.

Stay prepared for new reviews

Most review sites can send a notification when your business receives a new review. This is handy because you can quickly and easily respond—especially if there’s a negative review.

Reply privately

Many review sites allow you to contact the reviewer directly. This can be a smart way to handle a customer’s concern, avoiding an extended public dispute.

Prioritize responding

Most review sites can send a notification when your business receives a new review. This makes it easy to quickly respond with an appreciative and balanced response. Set aside time to say thanks to any customer that leaves a review.

What’s the best way to ask for reviews?

Final invoice

You could include a request for a review in your final invoice.

Website or email

Make it easy for a customer to leave a review on your site, or include a link in one of your emails where customers can leave a review.

Physical location

If you have a physical location, you can always create posters or window stickers asking customers to leave reviews on your preferred sites.

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