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My EasyGlow: Simplifying beauty, empowering lives

Meet the Absa Small Business Friday featured Small Business of the week – My EasyGlow.

At My EasyGlow, they simplify makeup for you. They are all about time-saving, space-saving makeup, that is both kind to you and the environment. Makeup should be easy and accessible for all. And so, the journey of innovation started, to overcome all current challenges with contouring and highlighting to transform the way you apply your makeup.

Carlie Lubbe trained as an optometrist but her passion for retail surpassed her interest in the clinical aspect of optometry. Her career journey took her into the realm of sales and marketing, where she spent several years with the leading contact lens company in the country. During this time, she found herself drawn to the world of customer service and assisting people.

She was fortunate to become one of Sorbet’s first franchise partners. Under the mentorship of Sorbet’s founder, Ian Fuhr, she developed a deep appreciation for serving, above all else. She was appointed National Franchisee of the Year in 2018 and has received numerous operational awards over the years. These experiences laid the groundwork for her entrepreneurial aspirations.

In late 2019, Carlie conceived an idea that promised to revolutionise the makeup industry: a 4-in-1 contour and highlight applicator designed to address the existing challenges of this intricate makeup. And so, the 3.5-year journey of innovation started. As she embarked on developing the product, she faced the challenge of sourcing materials from around the world, a process that was unexpectedly interrupted by the outbreak of COVID-19. However, this unexpected pause allowed them to meticulously refine their initial prototype, starting with a humble 3D-printed unit. When they were finally ready to proceed with injection moulding for the casing that would house all four components, they encountered further delays due to severe load-shedding schedules in the country.

Meanwhile, Carlie had sold her salon to fully commit to this exciting new chapter in her life. In May 2023, she proudly introduced My EasyGlow to the world — a ground-breaking innovation that had been years in the making.

Coming from a retail background, Carlie Lubbe had no prior experience with manufacturing, and this presented the most unexpected and formidable obstacle to overcome. There were moments when she had to summon great inner strength to maintain her optimism and stay focused on her deep affection for the brand. Carlie knew it was possible to create a product that would simplify a woman’s makeup routine, the process was far from simple though. Perseverance and always placing the customer first have been instrumental in overcoming these. It has certainly kept her grounded and humble throughout this new chapter and endeavour.

Carlie Lubbe’s mission revolves around making a meaningful impact on women’s lives by simplifying their makeup routines and helping every woman to look and feel her best. Her greatest joy comes from the Share the Glow campaign, where for every EasyGlow sold, five school lunches are donated to The Lunchbox Fund. During slow sales periods, focusing on the number of meals contributed reminds Carlie of her business’s positive impact and keeps her driven.

These driving forces—enhancing women’s lives and giving back—keep Carlie committed to the exhilarating journey of entrepreneurship. Her ability to adapt, unwavering commitment to excellence, and courage to explore new avenues distinguish her in this arena. With a clear vision and solid determination, the possibilities are boundless.

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