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Nash & Co Inc – combining trusted experience with modern flexibility

In this interview we find out more about Dianne Louisa Nash (Director of Nash & Co Inc), her business journey and why she believes South Africa should support small business.

Dianne says that Nash & Co Inc is a law firm that proudly offers clients a state-of-the-art, up-to-date approach to business and legal services, whilst always keeping their clients’ specific needs as their main focus. She believes that this unique combination of trusted experience and modern flexibility makes the firm the choice of such a variety of discerning clients, from one-man businesses to multinational-listed companies.

She goes on to share that Nash & Co Inc provide a comprehensive range of legal services designed to meet clients’ needs, and exceed their expectations.

The major areas of practice include (but are not limited to): conveyancing (transfer of properties), notary services (antenuptial contracts, general power of attorney, legalisation of documents / apostille), immigration law (temporary residence visas to work and reside in South Africa and business visas to travel abroad), and contractual law.

Why did you start your business?

The goal was to establish a small law firm for the people, where the public would not feel like a file reference but that a personal relationship between attorney and client would be established. The idea that progressive development is indeed a greater overall law in life is wholeheartedly embraced by Nash & Co Inc.

What do you love the most about running your business?

In today’s world of techno-acceleration and competitive trends, it is easy to lose sight of the traditional values of yesteryear. Nash & Co Inc offers their clients the best of both worlds: a solid reputation for personal service excellence, a flexible, contemporary approach to maximising results, and a tradition of excellence.

What is one of the biggest lessons you have learnt on your business journey?

I have learnt that, despite successes, it is the belief that women in top leadership positions still worry too much about external perceptions. Always believe in your own strengths and abilities, no matter what external expectations exist.

What is your why? Why do you do what you do and what do you focus on to help you persevere and get through tough times?

My ‘Why?’ is to practice law in a way that shows faith in the law as the ultimate instrument of justice: with professionalism, accuracy and integrity.

During tough times I aim to be agile in my thinking and thereby demonstrate perseverance, even when I am feeling discouraged. 

Why should South Africa support small businesses now and beyond?

Small businesses already contend with a contracting economy and the additional shocks from COVID-19 have put further pressure on business operations. Lockdown measures have caused revenues in many small businesses to fall precipitously and many businesses are being forced to cut back on business spending to survive.

Small businesses’ play a critical role in job creation and growth. It is therefore important to protect and enable them during this period of economic turbulence. Their survival and recovery is likely to be a bellwether for the economy as a whole.

Nash & Co Inc is a proud Member of the NSBC

This Small Business Friday feature is proudly sponsored by Absa

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