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Need a trusted last mile partner to deliver beyond expectations?

The surge in online shopping among South Africans has been nothing short of remarkable. Initially prompted by lockdowns, the convenience of purchasing local and global products from the comfort of one’s home has solidified online shopping’s appeal. A Mastercard study revealed that a staggering 71% of South Africans planned to continue shopping online even after the pandemic.

The local online retail scene has thrived, with an anticipated annual value of over R400 billion by 2025. This growth follows a 55% surge in online sales in 2020, followed by another 42% increase in 2021, reflecting the dynamic shifts in consumer behaviour.

Two significant trends have emerged from this retail revolution. Firstly, small local businesses are expanding their customer reach, thanks to efficient courier services like DPD ZA. They can now deliver their products to customers much farther from their physical locations.

Secondly, South African shoppers, while enjoying access to diverse local products, are increasingly turning to international retailers for tech and fashion purchases. This trend is driven by more affordable seasonal pricing and the convenience of receiving overseas orders at their doorstep in as little as a week, depending on shipping logistics.

Whether you’re a South African business looking to grow your local customer base or an international brand attracting local shoppers, one crucial element underpins your success: the last mile delivery partner. Their ability to deliver on your brand promise significantly influences the overall customer experience.

While shoppers may initially choose an online retailer due to special offers or unique products, they’ll only become loyal customers if their delivery experience meets or exceeds expectations. The final physical connection of receiving the purchased item plays a massive role in shaping the shopper’s relationship with the brand, and the delivery partner becomes the face of that brand.

If the delivery partner doesn’t navigate the complex customs and duty requirements, shoppers may experience delays and unexpected import taxes. Effective communication throughout the shipping and fulfilment process is equally critical. Unclear delivery times, dirty vehicles, or unprofessional delivery personnel can negatively impact the customer’s perception of the brand.

Online shoppers, known for their social media savviness, are quick to voice their concerns on public platforms. Negative feedback is more likely to be directed towards the retailer, not the delivery partner. Therefore, any brand, whether local or international, must choose a last mile delivery company that excels in international retail complexities and proudly represents the brands it serves.

At DPD ZA, we’ve prioritized building the best possible customer delivery experience for our clients. Our dedicated Express Delivery App keeps customers informed with regular updates throughout the delivery process. Our delivery experts are meticulously trained to treat each package as if it were their own.

Understanding the customs and import duties system ensures a smooth financial transaction at the final stages of the online shopping experience. Our user-friendly duties payment interface eliminates any unpleasant surprises.

As South African consumers’ online shopping expectations continue to rise, they seek a premium experience at every turn. Brands looking to foster customer loyalty, regardless of their global location, must carefully consider their choice of a delivery partner. At DPD Laser, we’re committed to delivering not just parcels but also exceptional brand experiences into the hands of our global customers.

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