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Need capital for your business? Register now

Article by Mike Anderson (NSBC Founder & CEO)

This Wednesday’s amazing webinar experience will uncover top tips to bridge the gap and secure that much needed capital to boost your business.

I am excited to host ProfitShare Partners’ CEO: Andrew Maren, and Hot 91.9FM’s Managing Director: Lloyd Madurai, tomorrow morning @ 09:30 for Webinar Wednesday.

The interactive and insightful discussion will focus on how SMEs can look for new business opportunities, secure contracts and POs, and deliver the goods by partnering with new-world fintech firms that allow them to access funds and empower growth.

The webinar’s talking points include:

  • Intro into the #GetSAWorking Campaign
  • Why did Hot 91.9FM get involved in this initiative?
  • Lloyd the entrepreneur and how he built his vision.
  • Andrew as an entrepreneur and how he built his vision.
  • Profitshare Partners and how they benefit small businesses.
  • Advice to business owners on how to reach out to credible suppliers and get the opportunity to quote and pitch for the contract.
  • How credit risk is assessed.
  • How the application process works.
  • Once the funding is approved, how does the model work?
  • For the #GetSAWorking campaign, there is a R1 Million prize for a business that has been approved for funding. When does this campaign end and can businesses still qualify for the funding and stand a chance to go into the R1 million draw?

Don’t miss out! Webinar Wednesday tomorrow morning @ 09h30 could be life-changing for you and your business. Click here to register.

Mike Anderson (NSBC Founder & CEO)

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