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“New Year and same old . . . ”

It’s finally happened. The 1st of January has finally polarised society.

One half is over the moon with excitement of what a new year may bring. They’ve got exciting goals, or at least some New Year’s resolutions, and they can’t wait to get going.

The other half is already tired, a little distracted and battling to get going. They’re so tired of setting goals and not achieving them that they’ve pretty much given up completely.

Which camp do you find yourself in?

Here’s the reality – sad but true.  If nothing changes … then well, NOTHING changes. The 1st of January and the New Year in themselves bring absolutely nothing new on their own. IF you want a change then YOU must change. If you want something different, then you need to become someone different AND you need to do things differently. 

Commenting on a recent Facebook post of a friend I said: “Great perspective thank you.  Food for thought … and action.”

His response was: “I love that statement. ‘food for thought and action’ ”; so often we have food for thought and maybe have incidental action, but in general I think we should be more intentional that food for thought also includes some action.

If you’re happy, have focus and know what you want, then get going!  Make this year your best yet. Don’t let anything get in your way.

However, If you’re not happy, want more and need a change, then NOW is the time to decide what it is you really want. What YOU really and truly want!  Your desires, your dreams, your goals and, most importantly, your life. No-one is riding in on a unicorn to be your knight in shining armour; it’s just not going to happen. 

Make the decision today to design the life you want. Then go about finding out how to do it, who can help, what you need to learn, who will hold you accountable, where you need to prioritise and then work harder at it than ever before. You truly can have everything you want in life, not maybe all at the same time but everything. 

Look around at all the rags to riches stories; they’re not fantasies, they’re real. 

They do, however, require the following:

  1. A clear, purposeful and exciting DREAM to chase and to keep you going in the hard times. 
  2. Clear milestones and GOALS to focus you in the short, medium, and long term.
  3. An ongoing and evolving personal development plan to acquire the skills and LEARN what and how to achieve it. 
  4. Clear and detailed PLAN to get you started and to keep you on track. Whilst your plan will always be a living document, it does keep the focus and stops you chasing bright shiny objects.
  5. Consistent, intense, regular, and disciplined ACTION!

Simple. Not always easy, but definitely SIMPLE. Make 2023 your BEST YET! Do what you need to do. Perhaps now is the time to GET INTO ACTION!

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