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Noble Prosperity – optimizing your business for success

Article provided by Noble Prosperity

Renate Jute is the owner of Noble Prosperity and passionate about numbers – she says that tax makes her heart sing. The main focus at Noble prosperity is to optimise a business and this is done in two ways. The first is an online learn-at-your-own pace program where business owners are educated on how to optimise their business. The other is a bespoke one-on-one option, where Noble Prosperity works with the business owner to create a customised plan on how to optimise their business.

The impact that Renate Jute has on other people’s business is what she enjoys most about running her business. Furthermore, she loves the diversity of people and businesses that she can help and this makes her business constantly new and exciting.  

Through the school of hard knocks, this is what Renate had to say about what she has learnt so far in business:

  • “Stay true to your moral compass. Never ever compromise on your ethics. Ethics are so important. How can you expect ethics if you don’t operate ethically? Small businesses are often so challenged. It’s a slippery slope.”
  • “Not everyone is your ideal client. It’s very important to establish who is your ideal client and who is not. Make a list of them and then pull these characters apart. Write down a list of unfavourable characteristics and make sure you understand that when those characteristics are in a person they might not be your ideal client. It’s not always the person with the money to pay for your service but I  think it’s also what fills your heart with joy. That person that you want to help”. 
  • “Most important – Remain humble and kind, because that kindness that you give someone today may be that one little thing that they need to move them forward. It may seem inconsequential to you for that day but for that person that you bestowed that kindness on it may change a whole lot of things for them. It may change their day or their life.”

The one driving force behind why Renate started Noble Prosperity is to leave a situation or place better than when she found it. She also starts and ends each day with gratitude and this helps her to navigate through her business when it gets tough.

When asked why South Africans should support small business this is what Renate Jute had to say: “ It doesn’t matter if you’re a big or small business. You are a business. There’s no small impact. Small businesses have a huge impact on the economy and on employment. Even if it’s not direct employment there’s outsourcing.  When a business stops trading, SARS and the government lose income tax, VAT, Pay as you Earn, Skills development Levies, UIF, Import and Export Taxes. So when you look at that and know that taxes make things happen.

We can see the  huge impact that every Rand has, there is a knock-on effect on the economy.”

Noble Prosperity is a proud Member of the NSBC

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