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NSBC Member Success Story – Maledifresh

As a food scientist, Gloria Ramahlodi has always worked for fresh produce companies and developed a love for farming and fresh produce. She has a BSc Degree in Food Science and has more than fifteen years’ experience in the food industry. Motivated by wanting to teach the community about healthy eating, and to encourage customers to eat 100% organic, especially those whose immune systems are compromised, Maledifresh was born in 2010.

As far as her personal life goes Gloria describes herself as a believer, mommy, wife and food scientist by profession. She is passionate about healthy eating and a good healthy lifestyle. She exemplifies this belief in both her business and personal life. While running a business has affected the amount of quality time she spends with her family, she has learned new skills to bring into the home such as decision making, budgeting, and healthy living. She is a leader who is admired for her attitude and ability to endure hardship, pressing on even if it is hard. She never quits. Once, when she wanted to give up, she even amended her C.V. to send elsewhere, she remembered that winners don’t quit, they fail and correct their mistake and move forward. This has kept her going. She tells herself every morning, “I AM A WINNER!” How does she relax at the end of the week? She does bootcamp twice times a week, she goes out for lunch or dinner with friends who are also in business and they share their struggles and successes and have fun together.

Her advice to those wanting to start a business 

Be driven by passion and fill a need in the market. She is motivated by life, being able to wake up in the morning and breathe. It is a miracle and a gift from God.

The NSBC has helped to give Maledifresh more exposure by having nominated them in the Top 20 in the 2019 South African Small Business Awards.

Maledifresh is a fully African owned business based in Randpark Ridge, Randburg. The focus of the business is on supplying and selling fresh whole and processed (cut) produce e.g. fruits and vegetables. They specialise in organic fruits and vegetables, dairy products and dry goods. They also offer non-organic fruits and vegetables. Products are sourced from local farmers that use natural farming principles and farmers that are certified organic. They cater to and supply restaurants, schools, hotels, retail stores, offices and the public. They have also established a firm relationship with local medical practitioners who recommend their products to their patients. The website advertises the different options you can select; organic foods, whole and cut fruit and vegetables, fruit and vegetable platters, or fruit and vegetable baskets. The process to order is simple but effective. You can contact Maledifresh on the site, view the pricelist that is complete and up to date, place your order online and then either collect and pay in store, or they will deliver.

The culture the company creates is that of eating healthy in an affordable manner. They encourage customers to go back to basics by eating natural foods. Deliveries are made in Johannesburg, but they hope to expand to Pretoria one day. Given more resources they would like to expand the business to processing, for convenience, offering customers ready to cook vegetables.  They market using social media and they have a beautiful website packed with information. As far as recruitment processes go, Gloria doesn’t really have a system. She looks at their track record and when she conducts the interviews, she looks at how the candidates present themselves (dress code), how they sit on a chair (posture) and how they speak (attitude). This is her guideline. Maledifresh relies on its values of providing the best quality products and complementing services that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of their customers.

They are committed to putting the needs of the customer first and will show honesty, respect, humility and integrity in their business dealings.

Her favourite motivational quote is “Winners are not those who never fail, but those who never quit.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole. She seems to be winning at life.

Visit them on Facebook: @Maledifresh or their website:

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