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People: your business’ greatest asset

What value do you place on the people who you work with or interact with in your business? If you considered that the people who work in your business are one of the biggest differentiating factors between you and your competitors, it may be time to pay attention to them. After all, your competitor may have the same fixed or tangible assets as you but their success may be on how they value the human assets in their company. Let’s look at the benefits your employees bring to the business.

1. They are skilled

Every employee has a unique knowledge base and skillset that they bring to the business. If they have been working for you for some time they may also have an acute understanding of how the different departments work within your business. Employees are great knowledge resources in the area where they work. By speaking to them and encouraging them t to share their ideas, you can build a better and more efficient business.

2. They are the face of your business

Who interacts with your clients? In a one-man show, it might be you but as the business grows the people you employ become part of the face of the business. Your employees interact with your customers and how they behave towards your customer may affect the opinion the customer has of your company.

3. They are your first customers

Consider this, what is the employee’s experience at your business? Do they have enough resources to get the job done well? Is the work environment well maintained? If the employees are disgruntled and unhappy about their working conditions, then this will be seen by the customers. Therefore it is crucial to value your employees like any other asset in your business and make sure they have the optimal conditions for their job. By taking care of your employees well, they will take care of your customers well.

4. They are co-creators in your business

You may have dreamed about the type of business you wanted to create. You may know the culture you want your employees to embody but if their goals and values don’t align with your business’ then you will struggle to grow a cohesive culture in your business. By involving your employees in creating new products or service lines, you encourage them to be involved in building a business together. They will feel more vested in your business and do their best to see it be successful. You can also ask them in what ways they believe they could do their job more effectively and efficiently.

5. They are investments

Hiring and onboarding new staff takes a lot of time and money. If you are doing this regularly then you will soon start to make a loss. Because of this, it is crucial to ensure your hiring process is streamlined to highlight the top talent you want to work in your business. Ensure that the work environment and resources you said would be available are there. By investing in the right employees, you will see the dividends payout in the end.

6. They are advertisers

How often have you sat around the braai and spoke about your job? This is maybe one of the first questions you ask someone when becoming acquainted and definitely something you will chat to with your friends around the braai. And what is being said about your company in this situation? Are they praising you or are they highlighting all the flaws in your business? You want your employees to be engaged and satisfied with their work environment so they can share this positive outlook with their friends and families.

In conclusion, investing in the right people for your business can pay off well for your reputation as well as in sales. Make sure you give your employees the resources to succeed and you will see how your business grow from strength to strength.

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