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Pick up the phone!

Article provided by Matrix Marketing

Your phone is your greatest sales effectiveness tool.

To build a strong, viable pipeline of opportunity that will convert into sales requires a plan and then execution.

Should you approach lead generation with a degree of nonchalance and reliance on referrals or inbound leads, you are likely to be left behind in the competition stakes.

Salespeople are primarily driven by the opportunity to make money. More money than say similarly educated and experienced peers.

This opportunity comes with higher risks, which is where the business incentive to pay more money comes from.

One great motivational tool to calculate how much you earn by picking up your phone.

As you have read through the previous blogs you are now acquainted with the principles of numbers, conversion rates and effort required to generate sales.

Apply the following formula to work out how much you earn per call you make.
1. Average deal size? Let’s say for argument…   R 50 000
2. Commission?                                                          10%
3. Earnings per deal?                                                 R 5 000
You want to earn R 40 000 per month.
4. Number of deals required per month?            8
To generate deals you need opportunities. 
5. Opportunity to deal Conversion3
6. Opportunities need to make R 40k24
To generate opportunities you need appointments. 
  7. Appointment to Opportunity Conversion  2
  8. Appointments required to make R 40k  48
To make an appointment you have to make calls. 
  9. Calls to Appointments Conversion.  5
  10. Calls required to make R 40k    240  
You have 4 weeks to make 240 calls to make R 40k. 
  11. Calls per week  60
  12. Calls per day  12
You make R 167 each time you pick up the phone to make an appointment.

What’s stopping you?

Make your effort count!

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