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Professional email for business product launched in South Africa by local hosting company, 1-grid

Article provided by 1-grid

Due to the popularity of Office 365, 1-grid has recently launched an Email for Business product following a unique per mail box service. With calendar sharing, collaboration tools and a clean webmail client, businesses will be able to connect with their customers and colleagues seamlessly.

“We upgraded our email product to this model due to the configuration uniqueness in comparison to the traditional way that email hosting is provided. Considering the unprecedented times that we are facing due to COVID-19, businesses will be working remotely via VPN’s. Teams will be encouraged to collaborate online more so now than ever. We are certain our solution will provide businesses with the ease of doing the above” says 1-grid CEO, Thomas Vollrath.

What does the 1-grid Business Email Service offer?

The model includes a Basic or Pro package with extensive product features, namely:

  • Sending and receiving messages via internet browser webmail application
  • Robust HTML editor that allows you to type distraction-free emails and add styles and formatting easily
  • On demand content filtering providing you with the ability to discard or reroute mail as you wish
  • Domain-level and custom signatures to add that pro touch to your email
  • Remote access on multiple devices
  • Share Contacts, Calendars, Tasks and Notes with your colleagues
  • Anti-virus protection
  • No complications with Mail Exchanges

Advantages of the 1-grid Business Email Services:

Feature rich

The product enables teams to have collaborative work spaces that include an instant messenger; synced calendars and video call functionality. The product is responsive across mobile and desktop clients which means that you can access your email from any location with connectivity. The dedicated storage per mail box allows for individuals to send and receive more information with additional cloud-based storage. The tool allows for reporting enabling accountability and productivity.


The per mail box structure allows you to purchase according to the number of individuals in your business. This allows administrators to manage costs better and scale according to a business’s growth.

Ad free 

Certain email products may infringe on your privacy with numerous advertisements. The 1-grid product does not include advertisements therefore your email experience is not interrupted.

The pro email service includes a free domain registration upon purchasing so that companies can link their new domain to their email product.

The Business Email Product joins 1-grid’s ever growing list of diverse products geared towards the SME business market, namely:

1-grid is a proud Partner of the NSBC

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