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ProfitShare Partners: Driving the forces of economic inclusion

Article provided by ProfitShare Partners

At Profitshare Partners, we believe that entrepreneurs and emerging business are the driving force of the economy. There is an obvious gap between what traditional financial institutions offer and what government is encouraging in the sector.

When it comes to accessing funds for immediate transactions in order to deliver on purchase orders and contracts, business owners often face serious risk due to cash flow constraints. ProfitsShare Partners is bridging that gap, and disrupting traditional funding models to empower businesses for growth and to encourage economic trade. The company’s approach is to enable businesses, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to deliver on their contacts by partnering on the deal and supporting the full project through to delivery to client.

PSP is also focused on the supply market and offers solutions that will grow businesses substantially withing a three year period.

When you have a tender or binding contract, ProfitShare Partners helps you navigate the red tape within the private and public sector. With its fast and user-friendly online application process, PSP is a financial enabler in the SME sector, while ensuring corporates can create a more diverse, sustainable supply chain.

Traditionally viewed as “unbankable”, SMEs with no financial track record but with proof of an order from a large firm can get 100% of the finance they require quickly, while corporates improve their B-BBEE ratings at the same time. ProfitShare Partners’ commitment to economic inclusivity works for all parties.

The company functions a three pillar platform, these being:

Finance: ProfitShare Partners contributes 100% of the capital for clients to meet their resourcing requirements for the contract

Supply: PSP allows SMEs to ensure the best value and quality when sourcing supplies for the project by helping them negotiate the best possible deal with their suppliers or even help finding them a better one.

Delivery: On-time delivery and adherence to the contract requirements are valuable to corporate or government clients and ProfitShare Partners supports SMEs in meeting these expectations

ProfitShare Partners’ quick and convenient online application process gives applicants a response within 48 hours; and takes just seven days to pay out for new clients.

ProfitShare Partners is a proud Partner of the NSBC

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