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Profitshare Partners tackles Sportsnation’s dream opportunity for win-win result

Article provided by Profitshare Partners

“We were approached by one of South Africa’s largest banks to help Sportsnation using our unique model,” says ProfitShare Partners CEO Andrew Maren. “Captained by Malusi Mbambo, the Sportsnation team had a great opportunity of being one of the exclusive official tour operator partners to the 2023 Rugby World Cup to market and sell ticket inclusive packages to the event.”

It was  an opportunity that would give Sportsnation a life-changing injection to their business on an ongoing basis, Maren notes.

Established in 2012 to offer an array of memorable, once-in-a-lifetime sports adventures for fans, Mbambo, the accomplished rugby player who, in his youth, played alongside several men who went on to represent the Springboks, heads up Sportsnation and was excited about the potential opportunity.

“With Rugby World Cup, FIFA World Cup and Confederation Cups, summer and winter Olympic Games, Formula 1 and Wimbledon events under our belt, Sportsnation was one of the organisations that pitched for the opportunity to bring Rugby World Cup France 2023 to life,” says Mbambo.

“To enable us to make this a successful project, we approached ProfitShare Partners for assistance, owing to the way the company works to understand the nature of our business rather than adopting the more common ‘ticking the box’ approach.”

Tailoring a touchdown

Maren says ProfitShare Partners found a unique way to manage its risk and share some of the profits on this exciting venture with Sportsnation. “Aware that small businesses require a more tailored approach to funding than many financial institutions offer, we created a winning solution together.”

Mbambo adds: “As a B-BBEE Level 1 business, we are extremely proud to be a first-time Official Travel Agent for Rugby World Cup France 2023 in France and cannot wait to take the spirit of Africa there.

“We chose ProfitShare Partners because their approach was very professional and they have a refreshing willingness to understand our business, the opportunity and finally our needs. Their tailored finance offer fits our business capital requirements like a glove.”

In a business that has dealings with global companies not resident in South Africa, Sportsnation’s core activities and contracts as a sports travel operator that operates at major sporting events in the world. Mbambo says it takes a financial service provider that is agile enough to view the bigger picture to make opportunities of this magnitude happen.

Maren says ProfitShare Partners is delighted with the outcome. “We look forward to continuing to support Sportsnation, and helping them grow to become one of the biggest sporting tourism companies in the country.”

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