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Protecting your online brand is paramount

Article provided by Digimune (On behalf of Tech-Wise Solutions)

Social media is revolutionising brand growth and consumer engagement, therefore highlighting the importance of a brand protection programme. Ideally one should use a platform that secures their organisation against critical issues like account hijacking, offensive content posted to corporate pages, brand impersonation accounts and scams that target customers. Considering customers and prospects increasingly engage online and contracts can be won or lost on social networks, businesses need a solution that will immediately block, hide or remove racial slurs, sensitive data like credit card numbers, competitor posts, scams and malicious links.

Digital risk has become a key driver for management. Attackers mimic your domain to dupe unsuspecting users into believing they are interacting with the official brand. You therefore need to be able to protect your corporate websites, brand and revenue by finding and eliminating domain squatters and typo phishing campaigns that target your employees and customers. Bearing in mind that high-value employees now give away more information in the social media age than ever before, putting executives and VIPs at substantial physical and cyber-risk, it has become paramount to protect executive teams that need to extend visibility and situational awareness to the social and digital world, organisations need to consider an artificial intelligence platform that rapidly identifies cyber and physical risks across social media. Added to this, all organisations should employ a paid-for email service as opposed to a free one to assist in protecting all employees.

There has been a huge increase in the publishing of sensitive and personal information on public and social media platforms. Also known as doxxing, this trend is not illegal as a specific offense, making it more difficult to control. Privacy-protecting actions are beneficial in a general sense and can help protect a person’s information in the event of a data breach. It’s advisable to adopt a doxxing protection solution that monitors and alerts on the publishing of sensitive and personal information such as names, addresses, workplace/school, phone numbers or other identifying information. Ideally you want a solution that also allows you to request takedowns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Paste-bin for impersonating accounts and personal data information leakage. An all-encompassing solution has to moderate and scan for illicit content, scan for social media fraud, as well as have the ability to takedown and remediate immediately.

Digimune, powered by ZeroFox, offers a complete, multi-modal solution protecting your digital identity, privacy and social media presence through a single platform. |

Article provided by Digimune (On behalf of Tech-Wise Solutions)

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