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Rainy season: 5 ways to weather-proof your work-place

Article provided by King Price Insurance

Humidity’s rising. Barometer’s getting low. It’s rainy season for most of South Africa. And the sound of rain falling is something special – unless, of course, it’s falling on your brand-new reception desk, or leaking through your factory’s ceilings and pouring down the walls.

This is not the time to be a leaf in the wind. There are several things you can do to make sure your assets are protected when storms hit.

Get on top of your building

Like, literally. Check that your roof is rain-ready: No broken tiles or loose flashings, nails and screws. Waterproofing secure and not starting to crack or lift. Your roof is your first line of defence against the weather, so it’s worth spending some time on it.

If you’re leasing space in a business park, check the T’s and C’s to see who’s responsible for waterproofing and maintaining the roofs and gutters.

It’s all about the gutters

Make sure there are no leaves and debris stuck in the gutters – or they’ll almost certainly overflow after the first proper rain, which could cause damage and rising damp. Also, be sure to check that the downpipes aren’t clogged, and that they channel rainwater well away from the structure.

Check your walls and ceilings

If your building has an existing damp problem, this is where it will show up – often in the form of mould. Don’t underestimate mould: Left untreated, apart from the damage it causes to the building, it can cause allergic reactions and illness. Make sure that you tackle the source of the mould, or it will simply come back. Again, if you’re leasing space, check to see who’s responsible for damp-proofing.

Keep your car safe and sound

The simplest way to avoid storms and hail damaging your and your employees’ cars, and your fleet, is to park the vehicles underground or under a carport.

Make sure your insurance meets your needs

In spite of your best efforts, storms and hail can damage your assets. Make sure you have the right insurance for perils like storms, floods, lightning and hail. In short: Prevention is better than cure. When rainy season hits, make sure you’re covered, one way or another!

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