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Reinforcing the importance of a skilled talent pool in a business

Creating a talent pool, and a flourishing one at that, is now more important than ever before. For your business to continue to grow, you need to recruit talented individuals and have a strategy in place to continuously promote your most-valued employees.

According to the white paper titled Recruitment Process Outsourcing, it is imperative to define the type of talent you will need in future, based on the business strategy. Businesses need to invest in skilled workforces to address positive changes successfully.  Such a strategy is ever-changing and with globalisation becoming more and more of a reality, it remains important for enterprises to find ways of adapting to the evolving markets – and thus, to upskill staff in accordance with business objectives.

It is as important to identify individuals with appropriate and sought-after skills from other industries and to expand your search by actively looking for job seekers in different geographies. It is sometimes easy to find candidates with the right attitude, background and experience, but who lack certain professional qualifications or skills. Be willing to invest in the education of your employees; several key performance indicators in want can indeed be achieved through training.

The benefits from adequate investment in good-quality education and targeted skills are endless:  It empowers people to develop their full capacity within the company and increases the productivity of both workers and the businesses they work in. In other words both efficiency and effectiveness are enhanced.  In the bigger scheme of things, it encourages both domestic and foreign investment, which leads to job growth and lowered levels of unemployment.  Ultimately, a skilled talent pool will also reduce social inequalities in the long term.

Companies are also likely to already have skilled workers in their talent pool.  The key is to draw from it first, rather than try and source talent via other channels and painful processes.  It’s important to identify individuals you can grow, nurture and upskill so they are able to provide a much wider variety of services.

Diversity in the workplace has been a buzzword for a few years and relates to a work culture that will allow employees from all backgrounds to thrive. You should have diversity goals and invest in training and targeted recruitment advertising in minority publications.

This article considers the importance of embracing, encouraging and benefiting from a skilled talent pool.  The benefits are remarkable, not only for production, but ultimately for the greater good of all internal and external stakeholders.  Training and CPD can further enhance human capital and ability to deliver services, while searching for talent beyond geographic and industrial boundaries – for the betterment of a business – is also worth  factoring into talent acquisition plans. 

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