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Renwick – helping clients buy and sell businesses

Gary Smith is the managing director and group principal for Renwick Business, which is a national business brokerage and real estate franchise. Furthermore, he is an academic – currently completing his Doctorate specialising in Entrepreneurship.

Gary joined his late partner Jim Renwick to assist at scaling the business and he took over the business when Jim passed away in 2015. They now have a semi-national footprint with License Partner Franchisees in most major cities throughout South Africa.

He enjoys the industry and the many opportunities it presents in helping their clients buy and sell businesses and properties. They pride themselves in offering services far beyond the role of a conventional business brokerage or real estate agency.

The biggest lesson he has learnt through this business is that when growing a business, it is critical to recruit employees and/or franchisees that have shared values. Experience can be gained, but values cannot be changed and there needs to be alignment to achieve a shared vision.

This is what Gary had to say about why he does the work he does: “My family is my number one motivator, as I always want the best for us. I am also extremely passionate about what I do. I make sure that I have clear goals and that I am continually taking steps forward towards achieving these.”

When asked why South Africans should support small business this is what Gary Smith had this to say: “Small businesses can be seen as the backbone of our economy. By supporting small businesses, you are providing an opportunity for growth and are enabling job creation in the country.”

Thank you Gary Smith. We hope Renwick continues to grow from strength to strength.

Renwick Business is a proud Member of the NSBC

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