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Sasria – not just insurance, but also helping open doors to more possibilities beyond matric for the youth

Article provided by Sasria

SA’s Special Risk Short Term Insurance provider: 

Playing its role in the further growth and development of the South African child Making it possible for youth to open doors to a brighter future through its bursary initiative  for tertiary studies 

Being part of the #Savetheclassof2020 Campaign aimed at helping matriculants  successfully face their final year exams 

As the saying goes: “A child without education is like a bird without wings”. That is one of the  reasons why SA Special Risk short-term insurance provider, Sasria SOC Ltd is dedicated to  playing a part in helping the South African child soar.  

“Corporate social investment is an integral part of our value creation process. It is a key  instrument that we use to improve our business, the country’s financial and insurance  industries, and overall communities,” says Executive Manager: People Management Tshepiso  Chocho.  

“We want to be part of seeing our youth reach their milestones and that means seizing every  opportunity and taking advantage of partnerships that have our youth’s progress and  development at heart.”  

Sasria has made education one of their key CSI focus, which couldn’t have been more  convenient and more essential this year. With the better part of the year having been adversely  affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the national lockdown, the situation may have  brought on fear and anxiety of falling behind on schoolwork for some learners and missing  opportunities to find assistance in furthering their studies.  

To alleviate some of these qualms, Sasria has in place a number of education-focused  projects, including its Bursary initiative, which currently funds over 60 students from  disadvantaged backgrounds, as well as contributing to other bursary initiatives. These include  the South African Actuarial Development Programme (SAADP), which addresses the acute  problem of the shortage of actuarial skills in black communities. 

For Sasria, being an insurance service provider, we are obviously faced with a large number  of mishaps or disasters that call for our attention and service. That is why giving back is so 

important and helping ensure someone’s future and outlook is positive and bright, more  especially the youth. And this, we are doing by continuously helping provide for their future  and also assisting them to reach educational milestones in their lives. This, we not only do  through our bursary initiative, but also by partnering with other national organisations and  institutions of higher learning.  

#SavingTheClassof2020 Campaign 

Sasria is also one of the sponsors of a mathematics and science programme, which is  designed to encourage the growth of engineers and scientists in the country. The campaign,  known as #Savingtheclassof2020, is spearheaded by Primestars, a youth development  program for high school learners from under-served communities, with the support from the  Department of Education.  

#Savingtheclassof2020 is aimed at providing academic support by offering maths and science  revision programmes for Grade 12 learners, which is currently happening in cinemas across  the country, online and in schools. Apart from looking at the need and provision of food parcels  and PPE for disadvantaged learners, the learners are bussed from their respective schools to  cinema venues where the programmes are taking place, ensuring that everyone who needs it  has access.  

“For Grade 12 learners, 2020 has been even more challenging, especially those from  disadvantaged communities. To be able to embark on such a campaign to give these learners  a chance at successfully completing their high schooling journey, is quite significant for us and  really speaks to the heart of our contribution to our society.” 

As an organisation operating within the financial services space, Sasria also contributes to  SAIA Consumer education initiatives aimed at increasing financial literacy levels in the  country. 

Bursary applications for 2021 tertiary education are open until 11 January 2021 and learners  can download the application form and get more information by logging on to 

Sasria is an authorised FSP registered under license number 39117 

Sasria is a proud Partner of NSBC

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