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Seamless integration for your success

At DPD ZA, we take pride in our extensive network and adaptability to work with a wide range of industries, providing tailored delivery solutions to meet the unique needs of each sector. Let’s delve into the verticals we work with and the ease with which we collaborate:


For nearly a decade, DPD ZA has been at the forefront of eCommerce solutions. Our specialist team, with a wealth of international and domestic e-tailing experience, prioritises your customers’ experience. We offer choice, value for money, and convenient delivery options. Collaborating with warehousing and fulfillment experts, as well as web design leaders, we’ve developed plugins for major web platforms to offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions. Recognising that we’re an extension of our customers’ brands, we play a pivotal role in fostering customer loyalty.


Delivering healthcare products to doctors’ offices, pharmacies, or patients has never been safer or more straightforward. Our Healthcare offering is managed by a specialist team with extensive knowledge in this field, backed by regulatory and compliance expertise. Leveraging the established Healthcare delivery solution of our international partner, DPDgroup, ensures the highest levels of compliance and performance standards. All our employees handling Healthcare parcels are GDP accredited, receiving ongoing training and assessment under the guidance of our resident Responsible Pharmacist.


Having successfully developed a dedicated delivery solution for one of South Africa’s leading grocery retailers, we possess the expertise to handle online grocery and fresh produce deliveries effectively. Our solution includes on-demand and next-day services, offering customers scheduled one-hour delivery windows supported by interactive
delivery notifications throughout the process.


In the education sector, speed, efficiency, and convenience are paramount. Our technology-driven delivery solution addresses the need for multiple distribution channels. As a hybrid B2B/B2C final mile distribution business, we efficiently serve educational institutions, retail outlets, and an increasing number of home deliveries using our extensive network.

Beauty and Cosmetics

Recognising the personal nature of Beauty and Cosmetics, we strive to create memorable customer experiences. In the fast-paced retail landscape, we aim to forge closer connections with customers by leveraging our powerful technology platform and expansive network, which covers most major malls on a daily basis.

Professional and financial services

In highly regulated service industries, secure and controlled deliveries are imperative. Our technology solution offers a comprehensive audit trail up to the point of delivery, including photographic evidence of attempted delivery when necessary. Real-time parcel visibility and the generation of a secure pin (OTP) upon delivery enhance security. We provide flexible integration options for a convenient onboarding process.

Seamless integration options

We understand the importance of seamless integration. Here are the integration options we offer:

  • Direct Integration: Our team collaborates closely with your IT team to establish robust data transfer solutions, facilitating parcel monitoring.
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP/SFTP): Information from each label generated by your system is transmitted to DPD ZA at the end of the day, including tracking logs and proof of delivery.
  • APIs – Application Programme Interfaces: We use APIs to integrate our system with yours, ensuring the best possible delivery experience for your customers.
  • NuGet Package: We provide a NuGet package for Microsoft .NET platform users, simplifying integration with our APIs.
  • Plug and Play: Through our partners, we offer ready-to-use plugins for various web platforms, ideal for start-ups.

Comprehensive reporting

As an accountable delivery partner, we prioritise visibility and reporting:

  • Our BI tool enables real-time parcel tracking and accurate performance reporting.
  • Soon, you’ll have the ability to create your own customised reports in a format and timeframe that suits your needs.

Discover how DPD ZA seamlessly integrates with your business across various sectors on our Integration Page.
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