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Serving the community through modern tech

Article provided by Incredible Connection

Incredible stories of how tech enables dreams do not only remind us that it is possible to reach your goals, but go an extra mile to show us how it’s done. Incredible Connection, the Home of Modern Smart Computing, has embarked on a journey to touch the imagination of South Africans through the Tech That Enables Dreams initiative.

The Tech That Enables Dreams initiative is all about the individuals that are not afraid of taking risks, individuals such as Jessica Boonstra who pushes the envelope. It is all about showing us that there aren’t any limits to what tech can do to help us realise our dreams – from supporting small businesses such as Yebo Fresh with all the equipment needed to take their delivery services to greater levels to helping staff members work within an ecosystem that helps them better service the areas they work in – Incredible Connection is all about tech that enables dreams.

What started as a humble idea in a garage in 2018 has grown and evolved into a business that serves hundreds of people and businesses daily. Today, Yebo Fresh employs over 50 staff members and operates in greater Cape Town and Johannesburg’s East Rand with plans to expand nationwide. Yebo Fresh is a tech-driven food delivery company catering to households and businesses in townships. Customers can order goods online, via WhatsApp, or over the phone with a call back feature, and have them delivered straight to their doors.

Over the course of its operations, Yebo Fresh has ventured into serving local spaza shops, street vendors, township fast food restaurants, schools, ECDs, soup kitchens and other organisations. While each milestone comes with new challenges, learnings and mistakes, tech has made it possible for the business and its employees to cope and keep up with a growing customer base while finding more efficient ways to deliver orders. Powered by 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, modern devices from Incredible Connection enable the Yebo Fresh team to stay connected with up to three times faster WIFI with Intel WIFI 6 Technology and 16-hour battery life to work all day anywhere. While 32% faster productivity helps the team use smart back-end systems, extensive data analysis, and a constant drive to optimise their performance.

Smart technology has the ability to empower, to serve, and to connect communities. Yebo Fresh embodies this through its ultimate mission to offer the convenience of grocery delivery to all South Africans, regardless of where they live. Yebo Fresh works closely with the community and is integrated into their daily lives. Incorporating technology into their business has helped Jessica and her team connect with their customers. Technology has the ability to connect people in unexpected ways. Follow the journey to find out how Incredible individuals such as musician Tresor, filmmaker and environmentalist, Willem van den Heeve,r and critically acclaimed filmmaker and showrunner, Rethabile Ramaphakela’s inspiring stories to catch a glimpse of how Tech Enables Dreams.

Modern technology has helped Yebo Fresh connect on a business level as well as on a human level. This enables the business to make an impact and help communities grow and improve their livelihoods. The Home of Modern Smart Computing brings you the widest range of notebooks for work, study or business powered by Windows. One of the many benefits of purchasing your tech from Incredible Connection includes our Incredible three-year extended warranty which consists of online live chat, telephonic technical support and easy online registration whenever you purchase a notebook. You can also get help with setting up your purchase, thanks to the exciting Walk Out Working service which ensures your tech is completely set up and ready to use right away. Worried about the status of your device? Visit your nearest store for a free health check. Incredible Connection offers nationwide delivery ensuring your tech will be at your doorstep in no time.

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