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Social Media Metrics: what do they mean?

Reach, retweets and shares may be foreign to you but they are important when understanding how successful or unsuccessful your social media campaign is. By measuring different aspects of your social media metrics you will be able to understand if you are achieving your campaign goal.

When starting with social media you can use the analytical tools which come with the different platforms to get social media metrics.

  • For Facebook, you will go on to your page and under the heading on the left-hand side you will click on insights to access the metrics you will use to measure the social media goals you have set for yourself.
  • For Twitter, you will go to your page, click on more and then analytics and here you will find the different social media metrics.

You can also use a social media analytics tool to help you measure certain metrics.

Now that we know where to find the metrics which ones should we be measuring. This will depend on the goal which you set for your social media page or campaign. Here are the steps to follow to get the most out of your metrics.

STEP 1: Set your goal

First, you need to set the goal which you want to achieve with your social media campaign. The goal could be to increase awareness or engagement, or drive traffic to your website. When you have chosen the goal you need to also set a timeline for how long you want to measure the metrics for.

STEP 2: Choose the metrics to measure

As has been mentioned before there are different metrics for different goals. Here is the list of metrics to consider for each goal:

  • Awareness: reach, volume, exposure and amplification
  • Engagement: retweets, shares, comments, replies, participants
  • Traffic to your website: URL shares, clicks and conversions

When you have these metrics you may need to use a quick sum to get the true impact on your business. This link gives the calculations you can use to see how these metrics influence the goal you have set.

STEP 3: Review your goals.

After you have got the metrics then it is time to review them and see how successful or unsuccessful your social media goal has been. By doing this every few months you can see what posts work for your audience and what doesn’t and fine-tune your social media to be more successful.

By looking at your social media metrics you can check your return on investment and put more money where the return is greatest.

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