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Starting a business with R1500, Zakhele Mgobhozi is now an award-winning businessman

Zakhele Mgobhozi won the NSBC’s National Entrepreneur Champion Award, a testament to how hard he has worked to build his business.

They say hard work pays off; for Zakhele Mgobhozi, he is seeing his hard work pay off through the success of his business. Starting with just R1,500.00, Zakhele is today an award-winning businessman and an inspiration to his team and community.

Zakhele started his business, Modern Centric Holdings, to empower marginalised communities and promote their inclusion within the South African economy. His hope has always been to see the betterment of the LGBTQI+ community and those living with disabilities. To do this, his business needed to be a success and have access to much-needed funding.

He joined the National Small Business Chamber (NSBC) and gained access to the opportunities made available to small businesses. Experian, a global financial data company, joined forces with the NSBC in South Africa to offer a “How To Be Financially Fit” campaign which aimed to educate small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on improving their financial health and credit scores.

With the help of Experian, Zakhele was able to understand his finances and improve his financial health. This knowledge has helped him budget and forecast effectively, leading to increased productivity at his business.

Experian continues to promote financial inclusion across Africa through education and technology, developing a free consumer app called “UP” to improve financial literacy and credit scores. Through these partnerships and interventions, entrepreneurs are learning the value of financial health and playing a vital role in uplifting marginalised communities in the South African economy.

The business Zakhele has been able to build has led to him winning the NSBC National Entrepreneur Champion award and has opened numerous doors for Zakhele and Modern Centric Holdings. They will continue to make a meaningful impact on the lives of the LGBTQI+ community and other marginalised groups.

The staff are also reaping the rewards of a successful business. Modelled after many of the world’s most successful businesses, Zakhele has improved the lives of his team by adopting a unique company culture, complete with a meditation room to foster a positive working environment.

It is wonderful to see Zakhele and his team thrive in business while changing lives around them. It is with the support of Experian, that these small businesses are able to make such an impressive impact within South Africa!

Experian is a proud Platinum Partner of the NSBC.

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