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Stay up to speed with customer news to get ahead of your competition

Awareness regarding change events of prospective customers is only helpful if it holds sales or marketing value. This makes a broad-based, online search for generic news on a current or future customer time-consuming and ineffective. This article outlines why the smart approach is strategically sourcing genuine buying signals aligned to relevant solutions you can offer in rapid response.

After surveying hundreds of B2B marketing professionals, Dun & Bradstreet found nearly 40% don’t feel their sales teams have the right account intelligence to engage prospects in a meaningful way.

Conversational confidence

Opening a persuasive sales conversation with a hot prospect is made easier — and more productive — when it centres on a new development that creates a compelling reason to purchase an authentic solution. However, not every announcement by the target company or its industry is valuable.

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Responding with relevance

Fortunately, there are ways to strategically source only news updates representing an actual buying signal to your product or service solution. You can use these filters to position your offering to the prospect in the most relevant manner.

Using these event-based triggers to customise a conversation shows a prospect you understand their world, are up to date with material changes affecting their business — and can deliver a relevant solution to an emerging reality. This can effectively elevate your prospective sales call to the status of an informed consultation.

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“Insight-oriented sellers are 3x more likely to report prospecting success.”

RAIN Group, Benchmark Report

Leverage sales intelligence

Using the AI-powered algorithms, enhanced data analysis and intuitive search features in D&B Hoovers can help open compelling sales conversations. Your marketing and sales teams can programme the software to deliver only real-time, business-critical updates that align a customer’s emerging needs with your available solutions.

In an increasingly competitive omnichannel B2B sales and marketing environment, a timely conversation that shows how you can help a customer better manage, mitigate or maximise the potential benefits of a news event can make all the difference.

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