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Success, Motivation and Results – Failing to prepare

Article provided by Matrix Marketing

I had a teacher in high school who became something of an institution. An ancient institution, as I established recently that he not only taught me when he was close to 40 years old but also my MD, Steve. And, my MD is certainly a few years my senior.

My teacher taught Science and Religious Instruction, and apart from his love affair with the cane, he loved cracking wise idiomatic expressions which usually resulted in a deep chuckle while his crooked grimace of a sneer broke his usually impassive face.

The one, fondly repeated, truism that has always remained with me was:

“If you fail to prepare, you must prepare to fail!”

I later established that this phrase was shamelessly plagiarised from Benjamin Franklin which history has taught us flew kites during thunderstorms to find out more about the electric current. As he lived to tell his tales and to become emblazoned on the $100 banknote, it looks like he practised what he preached.

Success in Sales is dependent on this universal truth as well.

Preparing for the day’s activities in advance will ensure better results. Whether you are measuring call-to-appointment conversion ratios, time-to-close ratios, or the ability to advance through the sales cycle. Preparation will lead to improvement in productivity.

Productivity is a measure of effectiveness and efficiency. And results are dependent on both qualitative and quantitative improvements.

The better you prepare for a result the higher your chance of meeting or exceeding your goal.

As another notable raconteur postulated “the harder I practice, the luckier I get” – Gary Player.

Dig deep, and go for it.

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