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Summer businesses are built in winter

Article written by Harry Welby-Cooke (ActionCOACH Country Partner)

We’ve all heard it before: Summer bodies are built in winter.

So what? What does that mean? Well simply put; if I want the fit, toned and sculpted beach body for the December holidays, I need to be putting in the extra effort, yes extra effort, during the cold winter months. No sleeping in or comfort food but discipline, focus, and good ol’ hard work and sweat.

Businesses are no different. In fact, as we explore legacy as our theme for the month, it applies to just about everything. If I want a summer relationship, I need to be putting in the extra effort during winter. If I want summer finances, I need to be putting in the extra effort during winter. If I want a bright and beautiful summer legacy, I need to be putting in the extra effort during winter etc, etc.

Winter is when it’s tough; things are not going according to plan; things are not where I want them, with still more to do, and so on. When I least feel like it, is exactly when I need to do more. When I least feel like it, I need to be more. Tough? Sometimes. Critical for success? Absolutely.

If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, you’re now in the throes of winter. In your business, you’re halfway through the calendar year or perhaps even halfway through the second quarter of the financial year. These are the most important times to dig deep and keep going. If you’re not already well ahead of budget, nor have set a really strong foundation for the rest of the year, this winter period could kill you.

Instead of thinking of your business as one straight sprint, rather think of it as a set of heats. Multiple sprint races where I need to perform well during each and every heat to make the cut and earn the right to do it all over again in the next heat.

After each heat I need to:

  1. Reset
  2. Realign
  3. Restart

That’s exactly why at ActionCOACH, your business coach ensures you break your business down into quarters, similar to seasons in mother nature. Every quarter we get together with our clients and actively plan the next quarter (GrowthCLUB). Every quarter we reset, realign, and restart.

That way we don’t see each quarter as the one straight final. Nor do we see each quarter as a hurdle to overcome and then it’s done. No, each quarter, each season, is the privilege of having done enough to qualify for the next heat. Each quarter, each season, requires discipline, focus, and good ol’ hard work and sweat.

If you want the summer business, the one where you’ve achieved or even exceeded budget and ticked off your dreams, goals, and aspirations; then you need to build that summer business in this winter period. If you already have an ActionCOACH then make sure you and your business coach take the time to reset, realign, and restart. If you don’t already have a business coach, then perhaps now is the time to get into action.

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